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On My Way To Mexico: What I Packed

So as you read this, I should be lounging on some beach in Los Cabos, partaking a much needed, long overdue vacation. The days before my flight were spent taking care of all the last minute details, travel insurance, mobile coverage, currency exchange and of...

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My Favourite Places In Vancouver: Nails, Foot Reflexology, Massages & Spa, Lash Extensions & Laser Skin Treatments

The other day I was in a huge rush, running errands for my vacation and needed to squeeze in a pedicure (badly). I knew I didn't have time to make appointments at my regular spots, so I stopped by a random nail spot at the mall. Oh how I hate choosing random spots, as I flinched in pain a few times as the lady did my pedicure. I really want to stick to the places that are tried and true, always deliver great service and good results. So here is a list of my favourite spots in Vancouver, that I regularly frequent for different reasons, cause you know, it's hard being a girl - there's a lot to maintain!

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The Best Tops To Wear To Work

Confession: I’m constantly obsessing about my workplace wardrobe and what to wear each day. More times than not, I’ve changed my outfit numerous times before finally bolting out the door and leaving a huge pile of clothes in my wake. Enough is enough. I’m taking...

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Foundation 101: How To Choose Which Is Best For You

Choosing your ideal face makeup is not an easy task. You have so many things to consider when foundation shopping, including what finish, coverage and formula is best for you, not to mention the pain of finding the perfect shade! To make the search a tad easier for you, here’s a breakdown of all you need to know about the difference of each foundation formula and benefits of each so that you can make an informed decision about your next foundation purchase.

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