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Tried & Tested: Best Makeup Removers

Not all makeup removers are born equal! Some leave you with brittle lashes, an oily film on your skin, or they simply don’t remove your makeup. Here we’ve put together a list of some of the best and brightest – whether you’re looking for something that will erase even the most waterproof mascaras, a remover made for sensitive skin, or something to keep on your bedside table for lazy nights.

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Interview With Adrienne Ford: International Model Turned Self-Care & Wellness Guru

Adrienne Ford is all about helping and encouraging women to feel beautiful, strong and confident whether it’s through her wellness blog, in a yoga class as she’s becoming a certified yoga instructor, coaching self-care or consulting on nutrition. Adrienne has recently launched her own line of tinctures too, so we sat down over a pot of peppermint tea to talk tinctures, their health and beauty benefits as well as how important it is to be romantic to ourselves…

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My Travel Essentials

2016 was a pretty good year of travel for me – I headed to Los Angeles twice (including Disneyland), San Diego, Hong Kong and Japan – Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. It was my first time in Japan and it’s since become my favourite destination –...

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Trend to Try: Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are every whimsical girl’s new favourite trend. Aside from providing a little flair to your silhouette, this is one style that is actually fun to wear. Providing a subtle amount of drama to every movement, this playful look will have you doing grand sweeps of the arm to pick up your coffee cup or answer a text message.

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