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Girl of the Week: Andrea Tiller

Meet ANDREA TILLER, our Girl of the Week and very first makeup and hair artist! This girl-on-the-go works on three to five shoots a week, fashion shoots, editorial print work, commercials and music videos. You can also meet Andrea and get her expert advice at Make Up For Ever at The Bay Downtown. Andrea loves the creativity in her work, whether it be transforming a plain Jane into a vampy vixen or prepping a model for a high fashion shoot. Check out Andrea’s amazing portfolio.

Wearing: A leather jacket that I’ve had forever. A Marciano silk black tank, Habitual dark denim skinnies, a Zara red belt, a scarf (my favourite accessory) from a friend, bangles from Aldo, The Bay and vintage and Christian Louboutin shoes!

Favourite makeup artists: Kabuki, Pat nMcGrath, Scott Barnes, Jon Hennessey, Kevyn Aucoin and Dick Page.

Favourite cosmetic lines: Make Up For Ever, Laura Mercier, NARS, MAC, Stila and Scott Barnes.

Go-to look: Sultry well-blended smoky eye nwith nude lip (my trick is to use concealer then lip gloss). Or, I’m really into the strong matte lip, liquid liner and full eyelashes. I’m a huge fan of false lashes and contouring nand highlighting the face structure to bring out features. It’s like magic.

Would never wear: With makeup professionals, never say never, there are no rules! The nice thing about it is that you can experiment and if it doesn’t work, just wipe it noff.

Can’t get enough of: Blush! It’s the one thing I find nalways fades, you can never have enough!

Always carry with you: My Kiehl’s nLip Balm #1.

My motto: Huge believer in taking care of your skin, if you have great skin everything else that you put on your face will look amazing.

Favourite girls with style: Jennifer Lopez, Dita Von Teese and Kate Moss.

Dream job: Celebrity makeup artist, getting them glammed up for the red carpet. Working backstage in nmajor fashion shows such as Galliano and Heatherette. And shooting editorial work and traveling.

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Reader's Comments

  1. I wish i could see more of the shoes….but from what i see, they look hot!

  2. Love the look of leather jackets

  3. The look is a little too ‘Rizzo’ for me.

  4. too many looks over styled

  5. i like it, i think it’s definitely a goin’ out outfit, not every day

  6. Love the hair! The outfit is hot.

  7. Super Glam!

  8. I love the lips, very classy

  9. Super hot,love to see her.

  10. Super hot,love to see her.

  11. Very nice looking, love her makeup.

  12. a bit too shiny for my liking

  13. hot girl, ornate and overdone outfit though

  14. hot shoes…plain outfit…blasay

  15. did you guys see her portfolio? it’s AMAZING!!!

  16. Andrea you rock! Gawd you are fabulous! You look brilliant, awesomely put together. As soon as they have a ‘Artsy Fartsy Girl of the Week’ I’m there! Well done babe. kisses, Adrienne

  17. You are absolutely fabulous! You are one of the few people I know that can pull off a hair and makeup look like this without looking like your trying to hard! You are unique and beautiful and an amazing artist!!!! MWUAH! love M

  18. Love the outfit, but there is something that looks a lil fake, maybe the overdone make up? Less is more!

  19. your work is outstanding, you must really love what you do! People check out her portfolio

  20. Dre is the hardest working girl in showbiz. I heard she’s taking Spanish and dance at university!!! And her cars upholstery was done by Hermes. TC

  21. Andrea is FABULOUSSSSS

  22. She rocks a makeup bag!! The hair is to die for!! Rock Chic!!

  23. Just wanted to let all the haters on the wall know they are just sad they could never pull off what Andrea can! Go Dre rock those red lips!

  24. It’s not personal Nova, not everyone is going to like a certain “look”. I think she looks overdone. Less is more sometimes.

  25. Dre!!! you look hot…like always! you’re right kju. Not everyone is gonna like the look. But I give her props for stepping out of the box and expressing her style and herself…if she likes it and it looks good on her…which it does …then rock it out! Gooooooooooo DRE!!!! mwwuuaahhhhh

  26. Hair looks great. Everything else is pretty heavy on the cheese factor.

  27. I agree with calvin..Andrea personally did my makeup for a show..with 1 hour deducted and STILL did a fabulous job! …as for the style, nothing is ever too overdone, you can never look too styled, too glam, or too fabulous. It’s not about blending in it’s about standing out!…and this gal has got it in the bag 😉

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