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Damage Control


With below zero temps, I’ve been loading on the lip balm and moisturizer. But I just realized, I’ve been completely neglecting my hair! The transition into cold weather (along with indoor heat) has made my hair dry, coarse and no longer oh-so-shiny. So what’s a girl to do? Pantene Pro-V’s Time Renewal Replenishing Mask of course! Beauty expert Allure magazine listed this deep conditioner as a winner in their “Best of Beauty” issue (how can you argue with that?). Once a week is all you need to get back those luscious locks. Available at local drugstores.

Donna Ng, The Style Spy



Reader's Comments

  1. my hair has been so gross and dry lately. i usually just leave my conditioner in


  2. Thanks for the tip, keep up the good work donna!

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