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Get Marc’d by Daisy


Every girl dreams of wearing a brand new outfit each day (if only I were famous!) but I’ve recently discovered something I’d actually love to wear every day (how shocking)! Have I mentioned it’s from the King of cute and quirky yet totally wearable, Mr. Marc Jacobs? The internationally famous designer and Lauren Conrad’s favourite (remember her gushing), has done it again with his new fragrance, Daisy! A mixture of Marc’s signature scent, Gardenia followed by strawberries, violets, ruby red grapefruit and much more, who really needs new clothes when you’ve got something this sweet? Pick up the adorable bottle at Holt Renfrew.

Donna Ng, The Style Spy



Reader's Comments

  1. honestly, who cares about Lauren Conrad?

  2. lauren who? she’s’s all about marc jobs..he’s HOT..the gays always do it


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