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Girl of the Week: Jenna Tuazon

This week’s Girl of the Week might look a little familiar. JENNA TUAZON was a finalist in the Are You Our Next Style Spy Girl? ncontest. On top of being a full-time student, Jenna also works at Plenty in Kits and writes for The Style Spy. Jenna’s one of those girls who always looks effortlessy cool – we’re sooo jealous! Spot this super cutie at next week’s Holiday Shopping Party at Shop Cocoon.

Wearing: Pumps I got from a vintage store on nMain Street, Mavi Lindys, a long tank from American Apparel, Vero Moda tank, a Free People cardigan, a gold locket, and a gold Gemini necklace from Plenty.

Favourite designers: I don’t really keep tabs on ndesigners, but if I had to choose, Orla Kiely and of course, Marc Jacobs.

Favourite labels: I’m not a label snob, if it works, it’s good.

Favourite stores or shopping places: Plenty, Urban Outfitters, True Value Vintage, American Apparel, Oxford Street in London – my heart went aflutter when I laid my eyes on the Topshop and H&M!

Go-to look: Dark skinny denim, layered bright tank tops, fun cardigans, large earrings or necklaces, and a great pair of boots – you can’t go wrong.

Would never wear: Everyday is a random experience, so I really can’t say. But I definitely do not dig shirts that expose your middle area.

Can’t get enough of: Neon tank tops, bright tights, flannel plaid shirts, long earrings, owls and mango bubble tea.

Most prized accessory: My heart shaped sunglasses from Topshop in London.

Favourite girls with style: The girls of Gossip Girl!


Reader's Comments

  1. LUUURVE her attitude about fashion: “I’m not a label snob, if it works, it’s good.” true that!

  2. she looks cute & super sweet…

  3. I agree, if it works, its good. Love the confidence Jenna!!

  4. Gossip Girl has the best clothes!

  5. you’re too adorable, jenna!

  6. LOVE YOU you’re so adorable! gossip girl fan too 😉 xoxo

  7. CUTE TOP!

  8. hi my dear i am iranian i hope see your i am waiting for you

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