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Party in Monaco


The holiday parties are here! So the pressure is on to find the perfect party dress and Club Monaco isn’t a store one would think of. Instead, they’re known for their clean and timeless pieces such as black trousers and cashmere sweaters which are seen in boardrooms and not on the dance floor. But this season, step through the doors of Club Monaco and prepared to be surprised (or shocked like I was)! Take a look at the gorgeous satin colour block dress ($189) that I fell for. Love it!

Donna Ng, The Style Spy



Reader's Comments

  1. The dress is gorgeous! A little steep on the wallet though.

  2. Lose the scarf! ick!

  3. I bought this dress and it’s fab! It also comes in purple.

  4. Super cute dress….I saw it on the rack & fell in love too!

  5. Cute dress – but don’t expect to be the only one at the party wearing it. Saw it on 3

    girls at a office party on Saturday.

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