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Girl of the Week: Adele Tetangco

This week’s Girl of the Week, ADELE TETANGCO is a Marketing and Account Manager for local Vancouver designer, dace. Busy as a bee, Adele also co-owns and co-designs for Pudding, a lovely line of tees for babies. Spot Adele at today’s Collective Sample Sale where you’ll find super finds from a host of designers, including dace. Perfect for last minute holiday shopping or something for yourself – you’ve been a good girl this year no?

Wearing: dace dress and top, tights from The Bay, vintage boots, erin templeton’s wool Friday bag with erin templeton raccoon tail, my gold seahorse necklace by beautag.

Favourite designers: Alber Elbaz (Lanvin) – I’m so drawn to his designs, I can stare at them and lose track of time.

Favourite labels: Borne, Built By Wendy, JBRAND jeans and dace – of course!!

Favourite stores or shopping places: One of A Few and The Block. I like wearing things that not everyone will own. I always find clean and unique pieces at these two boutiques, and I know that there will only be a handful of people wearing it. I also love shopping at Saks or Barneys in the States. They mark down all of their Marc Jacobs merchandise when it’s end of season and I go absolutely crazy.

Go-to look: This one’s hard! There are so many!! Right now I am still into skinny jeans and vintage boots. I recently bought a re-worked vintage leather jacket at Ark on Main Street. It’s brown, fitted and has a hood. I’ve been really into it, and it goes with everything. I also like loose shirts that are a little oversized. I have been purchasing women’s medium tees (mostly from ALIFE) and men’s smalls (from Value Village) for myself (I’m an xsmall). I still and will always love wearing dresses. Unless they are wool – I wear the same dresses for winter and summer. In the winter time I just wear them with wool tights and boots. For summer, I wear them with vintage flats – like the “soft comfort” nones that my mom used to wear. I’ve collected them in almost every colour. I don’t like to match at all and I am not afraid to clash, so it’s easy for me to throw things together.

Would never wear: Baby Phat, hair scrunchies, Uggs or Crocs, anything that is a fad.

Can’t get enough of: Vintage boots- I’m completely obsessed! I can’t stop buying them. At the thrift stores, on ebay – I can’t stop!! It’s really bad. I can bid for 5 at one time.

Most prized accessory: My Macbook. It’s white and I don’t let my daughter touch it because I don’t want fingerprints on it.

Favourite girls with style: Claire Danes, Selma Blair and Nicole Richie (post Simple Life): she may be crazy, but the girl has style.

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Reader's Comments

  1. Love the boots! The racoon tail on the bag is cute too.

  2. I Like your look…it clashes and works!

  3. I like the seahorse.

  4. You look great kiddo. Keep it going.

  5. Wow Woman I am so proud of you… looking hot as usual

  6. I posted the “Adele” comment but foreal I am so proud of you and Im sure Malakai will love his Stunner Shades tee just as much as I do …

  7. proud of you but i want my old adele back.

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