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Under the Mistletoe


Well it may not be your first kiss under the mistletoe, but a Style Spy has got to be ready with a pretty pucker when that Prince Charming swoops in for a smooch. Enter Kissable Couture’s First Kiss Collection.

Created by celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson and Keisha Whitaker (wife of Oscar winner, Forest Whitaker) the line of lip glosses is named after boys that Keisha and her friends once kissed! Whether you choose Chris, David, Dylan (our fav), Eric, Forest, Johnny, Tyler –the luxurious feeling glosses have just the right amount of shimmer and sexy sheen. The velveteen wand applies the slippery gloss in a cinch.

You just may want to pick a tube up pre-mistletoe. Prince Charming will love that it’s not too sticky. Butterflies not included.

Available exclusively at U the life accessory store in Kits for $24.

Nicole Harvie, The Style Spy

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  1. Packaging is really pretty…i like the name too.

  2. I agree, the packaging is really pretty. Is it me or does the gloss get darker at the


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