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Gloss-it Girl

Lip gloss lovers….look no further. Your prayers for the perfect lip elixir have been answered. The clever people at Prescriptives have added custom lip gloss to their list of custom blend products and it’s undoubtedly the “it” gloss of the season. It’s the texture you love, the color you’ve dreamed of and the taste you can’t get enough of… because mixed up just by you!

Since, we adore our Prescriptives custom blend foundation (no more floating head syndrome) we knew we’d love a custom blend lip gloss. The process is super simple and if it’s not just right they’ll tweek it ‘til you love it. You start by choosing a shade, then a finish (we had a hard time deciding between luster and sheer sparkle) and then the delicious (and even more difficult) part….the flavor. Choose from melon, latte, tropical, meringue and more. We went with Bellini….well….’tis nearly the season, n’est-ce pas? The result was well….the best darn gloss that’s ever kissed our lips! (Notice we didn’t reveal our final concoction;))

Be gone are the days of your pesky copy cat gal pal.

This lip gloss is your top secret, custom blended perfect elixir, that uniquely yours.

It girl 😉

Prescriptives is available at Holt Renfrew or The Bay.

Nicole Harvie, The Style Spy

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