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Working Girl

Workplace attire can always be a finicky fashion matter but Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester shows us how to be fashionable and office appropriate. Her black pencil skirt is conservative with its longer length and her white ruffly blouse is pretty and feminine. The thin red belt provides the perfect accent to the outfit and keeps it from being too prim and proper. If sleeveless tops are off limits in your office, pair this look with a blazer or cardigan. Working folk spend a large portion of their lives trolling away in cube farms doing the 9 to 5. Since this is a significant amount of office time, here’s to looking fab while doing it.

Try these pieces to get Leighton’s look:

1. Purity Voile Top, Urban Outfitters
2. High Waist Satin Pencil Skirt, Bebe
3. Skinny Lizard Belt in Strawberry, Gap

Jan Tong, The Style Spy

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  1. I want new episodes of Gossip Girl!!

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