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What do you get when you mix a fall and winter staple with the quintessential summer colour? A palette that is effortlessly chic and more than modern. What makes mixing yellow and grey so rewarding is that you can pair up pretty much any shade of yellow with any shade of gray without committing a colour crime. Mustard yellow and charcoal grey mesh just as harmoniously as pale grey and canary yellow. But be warned: yellow below the waist runs the risk of making you look bottom-heavy, so consider keeping your monochrome greys around the hips and the bright yellows up top. Happy mixing!

1. Tiered Voile Top, Forever 21 Canada
2. Celest Jeans, French Connection
3. Dandelion Dress, Urban Outfitters

Kendra Sinclair

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Reader's Comments

  1. i walked by a store window yesterday and evvverything was either gray, yellow, or the

    combination of both. now i’m wishing i had gone inside and bought something!

  2. Cool styling advice! Gray is so versatile though; it also works well with electric blues

    and hot pinks.

  3. I love yellow and grey esp that dress

  4. have that top. its really comfortable.

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