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Prize #1: Chulo Pony Madelaine Dress ($268 value)

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Style Spy, we are having a 31 Backstage Pass Prize Giveaway throughout the months of August and September. Any Style Spy member (who holds a Backstage Pass) will be eligible for the 31 wicked prizes we have lined up. GET YOUR BACKSTAGE PASS NOW!

Vancouver-based Chulo Pony is one of Style Spy’s faves. The Madelaine Dress features a smocked waiste and shaped hem. The pretty ruby coloured dress makes an excellent dinner date outfit for that cute boy you just met at the checkout counter (that really happens, doesn’t it?)


Reader's Comments

  1. Love the Chulo Pony sample sales!

  2. oh wow this is a CUTE dress!! I really hope that I win one of the upcoming prizes if this is a sign of what’s to come! Congrats Style Spy on the new website!!!!

  3. Oh Erica, another Chulo Pony dress I’m going crazy for! The colours are so pretty and would work so well into fall – I’m going to be so jealous of the winner!

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