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A Minty Pout

Some lip plumper glosses deliver such a scary burn, Style Spy girls take a Kleenex to their puckers long before the bee-stung look can take effect. We say ditch the “pain for beauty” mantra and try CoverGirl’s new Wetslicks Amazemint lipgloss to fatten up the pout with a refreshing tingle (no ouch here). The collection of 13 glosses are infused with Crest peppermint oils for minty breathe and three of the shades even have blue undertones to make teeth look whiter. Now if only we knew boys worthy of a kiss, kiss.

CoverGirl’s Wetslicks Amazemint lipgloss is available for $6.99 at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Jodi Goulart, The Style Spy


Reader's Comments

  1. oOoo this looks quite interesting–I used to use Pout lipgloss before which had the minty tingling feeling to get your lips to plump up and was choked when the company went under 🙁 so this is going to be a nice alternative (much cheaper too) good find and thanks for this update!!! definitely going to hit up shoppers for this

  2. Has anyone tried this? Is it sticky???

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