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Girl of the Week: Paige Adams-Geller

PAIGE ADAMS-GELLER is the former Miss California behind Paige Premium Denim, a high-end denim line that has graced the butts of Hollywood’s hottest celebs. Recently the beautiful former model also penned “Your Perfect Fit” with co-author Ashley Borden combining fashion and fitness in an effort to re-iterate the “perfect body” doesn’t exist. The book pairs tips for best dressing with fitness routines for different areas of the body and encourages ladies to look and feel fantastic. Style Spy girls, meet the first lady of denim, Paige.

I’m wearing: One of my favorite [denim] styles, which are the Blue Heights skinny, straight leg in the Lagoon wash. These are so comfortable and are always flattering. My top is by Robert Rodriguez – his tops are amazing.

My personal style: I would consider my personal style classic feminine. I’m always drawn to silks and lace in tops and dresses and I love trousers with clean lines. I am obsessed with my Roxbury cigarette-leg jean right now because I feel so polished whenever I wear them.

Why focus on denim: As a fit model for the top Denim labels like Seven for All Mankind, Citizens, Joe’s Jeans, Habitual, and True Religion I saw first-hand what was being done correctly and where the designs were lacking. All these brands were run by men designing jeans for women and many times there were design decisions made that weren’t necessarily what a women wearing them would want. So, I decided to launch my own brand where I had the opportunity to put my fit expertise to use in creating a jean that enhanced a woman’s body, fit perfectly and maintained comfort all at the same time.

Day-to-Day look: My basic day-to-day is a pair of my skinny jeans, a pair of heels (I never go without these), and a lightweight silk camisole with a light cardigan or blazer. This look always makes me feel polished and put together.

New from Paige: Paige Black Label – a collection defined by its sexy attitude and European esthetics. The line combines beauty and brains. You’ll find timeless pieces with a whispered sex appeal. Future collections will expand to become a full range line – including beautifully constructed tops. Paige Black Label ranges from around $230 to $900 retail.

Most prized accessory: I hate to sound so L.A., but my little Havanese, Taffy, goes with me everywhere. She just brightens my day.

Fave brands: I think because I am wearing so much of my new Paige Black Label line lately, I am really into fabulous shoes to accent the sophisticated pieces. I love Christian Louboutin shoes because they add just the right amount of attitude to an outfit without going overboard. I also love Cavalli right now. They’ve gone in a softer direction which really appeals to me.

Last purchase: An amazing pair of YSL strappy black shoes. I love a simple black shoe with an outfit, but I appreciate something with a little bit of flare that makes a statement, and these do just that.

Next purchase: Most likely a pair of shoes.

When in LA, shop at: The Paige Store on Robertson, of course! I also love shopping at Ron Herman, Fred Segal and Intuition.

Best spots for celeb spotting: Along Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills. This is the shopping and dining hangout for stars like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, and Nicole Richie, who are also loyal Paige customers.

What would you never wear: Tennis shoes when I’m not working out. I’m a heels girl all the way. Most of my friends have never even seen me in anything other than heels.

Top style or beauty secret: My style secret for ultra long legs is a skinny jean that comes over your shoe [worn] with a pair of heels. It’s a fool proof way to add inches to your legs.

Top tips for staying fit: Ashley has this amazing exercise called ROLLING OUT – you use a foam roller to really get deep into your muscles. And it truly changes the shape of your body. Also, drink tons of water and get cardio in every week!

Fave cut in denim: I LOVE my Roxbury Cigarette leg. It’s just so sexy!

Coloured denim….yes or no?: Yes! Coloured denim can be lots of fun, especially in a denim short so the colour is not overwhelming.

Biggest denim don’t: Butt cleavage is the #1 denim DON’T! Do the sit down test. If your showing bottom cleavage, your jeans are too low. Find a style with a slightly higher rise and you and the rest of the world will be much more satisfied with your look.

Biggest denim do: DO pay attention to where the back pocket sits. Pocket placement can really lift your derriere when the bottom of the pocket hits just where the butt meets the top of the thigh. And the sizing should be right. Too large makes your rear look flat and too small can give the appearance of a larger rear.

Fashionable crush: I always reserve Friday nights for my date with Christian (Louboutin, that is).

Rodeo, Melrose or Robertson: Robertson hands-down! It’s hipper than Rodeo and more classy than Melrose.



Reader's Comments

  1. Love her!!

  2. This is, hands down, my favorite GOTW! She’s stunning AND has great jeans.

  3. She looks classy and comfortable and really knows her denim. I definitely agree about the butt cleavage; I’ve never been into low-cut jeans for that reason.

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