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Girl of the Week: Guy of the Week

Who doesn’t like waking up to a hot guy in the morning – and during the week at that? Well that’s exactly what Style Spy girls do everyday at 5:30am when The Kid Carson Show with Nira Arora and Amy Beeman, takes to the airwaves on The Beat 94.5. Tan, blue eyes, great style, and a cheeky sense of humour, yeah, we don’t hate. Not only is Kid our first Guy of the Week, he is also our first front and back shot – to give a better view of the great detailing on his jean pockets (wink). This Style Spy has said it once – maybe three times – but she’ll say it again – “Call me”.

I’m wearing: Monarchy t-shirt, Taverniti So Jeans, Nike ‘Dunk’ shoes, Hurley hat and Breitling Bentley watch.

Describe your style: Really depends on my vibe that day or week. I appreciate so many different looks. Being a generic looking white-boy, I can usually blend into anything that I’m in the mood to rock. Sort of a mixed “Street” look, maybe.

Day-to-day look: Jeans, t-shirt, Dunks and a hat.

Top three wardrobe essentials:

1) The watch is #1. Guys know what I’m talking about – our watches are like our babies!

2) A cool jacket. Most people wear the same jacket all the time, so they always look the same even if they have a cool, new shirt on underneath – so I try to keep the jacket fresh, too. Plus, I like having pockets. Most guys don’t have purses, so where the hell are we going to stash our iPhone, keys, gum?

3) Jeans. I’m the guy who gets invited to weddings and says “Crap…I don’t own DRESS pants!?” I’m a jeans guy all the way.

Top grooming secret:

“Honey… can you check if I have anything in my teeth?”

What trend for guys are you SO OVER?: Bright coloured hoodies with cartoons on them.

Ladies wearing [blank] catch your eye: Hair extensions. I was always amazed that at night, all the ladies somehow grew their hair an extra 2 feet. I couldn’t understand it for the longest time. But damn – when it’s done right, some girls can rock a mean mane.

Last purchase: I bought a few of these dope, long sleeve shirts by Mando – hard to find, but they’re pretty cool. And I picked up a few hoodies by Dussault Apparel, which I’m a big fan of.

Next purchase: Criss Angel has a clothing line coming out. I hear the jeans are SICK. All hand-made.

Fave stores: Oakridge Centre has a cool store called J2. They make me try on stuff that I think I’ll hate, but then once it’s on – I’m like, “Damn, I’ll take it.” Good to have people push you JUST outside your comfort zone. I also hit Boys’ Co. on a regular basi

What would you never wear: I’ve worn a lot of things that weren’t cool, just to be different. Like how about a Fedora BACKWARDS. That ended after a week, when I realized that girls had stopped talking to me. I say never say never.

For a night out on the town: I dress pretty much the same wherever I go, but for a night out, I might switch up the sneakers for my “dress up shoes”.

Tunes you listen to while getting ready: Lil Wayne, N*E*R*D, T.I., and I have this crazy hip hop remix CD by Ratatatat

Celebrity closet you want: I’ll admit it, Justin Timberlake has some damn good style, oh and David Beckham.

Splurge on: A cool cologne that no one has heard of – then HIDE IT and don’t tell anyone what it’s called

Fave denim: Rock and Republic and Taverniti So Jeans. A lot of people I know are diggin’ the new Laguna Beach Jeans – I just can’t find any in stock, damn it

Brand man: I’ll admit I get sucked into the odd purchase because of brand name, then I get home and wonder what the hell I was thinking. Sometimes I get burnt out on flashy names and spend a month in plain, white, v-neck t-shirts by Fruit of the Loom.

What do you always toss in your pocket before leaving home?: iPhone, gum, keys – simple.

Most prized possession: My pair of brown leather Mark Nason shoes. Wow, I sound like a girl.

Metro Man…yay or nay: Hell yeah. But nothing extreme. I don’t pluck my eyebrows, but I make sure the face is moisturized a few times a day, baby.

Not including yourself, who has the best style at The Beat: Jonny Staub, our amazing daytime dj. But he’s gay, so it’s kind of the law that he has good style, right? Wat up Jonny

Heidi Hofstad, The Style Spy


Reader's Comments

  1. i love it love the beat listen to this stud every morning <3

  2. love kid! xo

  3. Haha he really knows his denim and streetwear. I’m really curious–did Style Spy take the pics on the day they did the Kid Carson Show appearance?

  4. we did =)

  5. What? For a hot funny and smart guy like Kid Carson there are only 4 comments on this?! This is outragous Erica!!!!!

  6. hahahah J2 ….

  7. if anyone wants to see real men’s style, check it:

    it’s a reason to get up in the morning. the fashion/photography… oh new york… oh milan… oh paris.

  8. I love prvcy jeans! They are the best jeans I’ve ever worn. All of the hot stars including Katy Perry are wearing them too!

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