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Saving Face

Some celebs seem to have the most perfect skin: Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon, and Blake Lively. But in reality, they have imperfections, including pesky blemishes and breakouts. While these A-listers have the best makeup artists on speed dial and can afford weekly facials and microdermabrasion treatments at uber-pricey spas, there’s no need for the rest of us to suffer – the popular acne skincare products below are available in the drugstore aisle or beauty counter and are all tried and tested options for clearing up those dreaded breakouts. Take that!

1. Kiehl’s Rare-Earth Facial Cleansing Masque ($27), Kiehl’s Boutiques – Kiehl’s clay masque targets blemish-prone skin lifting dead skin cells and leaves pores feeling clean and refreshed.
2. Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 10 ($10), Shoppers Drug Mart – This tiny tube does wonders – pharmacists rate it the #1 acne treatment hands down due to it’s high concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide (10%). Dab it on a “fresh” pimple on the morning of a hot date and watch it shrink by go-time.
3. Zeno Acne Treatment System ($190), Sephora – The battery-powered device applies a gentle dose of heat to emerging pimples killing pore clogging bacteria and making them practically disappear within 24 hours. Perfect for those who like to see fast results.
4. Drying Lotion ($17US), Mario Badescu online – This overnight spot treatment is a celeb-favourite drying up unwanted blemishes while Style Spy girls get their beauty sleep. It’s pinkish in colour due to calming Calamine lotion and contains the super effective Salicylic Acid.
5. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash ($12), Shoppers Drug Mart – A classic fan-favourite, this gentle oil-free cleanser is tough on blemishes without unnecessary drying or stripping. This orange-tinted cleanser continues to be a staple for many beauty junkies (this Style Spy included).

Priya Chendke, The Style Spy

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Reader's Comments

  1. Love theNeutrogena stuff I find it works just as well as some of my other products (i.e. bliss, demralogica). and really want to try the zeno.