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Girl of the Week: Hilary Chan-Kent

When we finally caught up with this It-Girl, she was burning minutes on her iPhone (as all PR’s do), sipping her mini pink blo water and glancing up at the mirror with the occasional nod of approval. Blo Blow Dry Bar‘s PR whiz-kid HILARY CHAN-KENT was getting blown. Free blow-outs has to be the best perk we’ve ever heard of. Ever.

I’m rocking: Mini Michael Kors shift dress and metallic silver pumps by Prada.

My personal style is…
A pinch or Charlotte, a dash of Audrey with trend-driven twist. I love fashion, I am really into clean, sophisticated lines, but I try to keep it sexy and to-the minute by infusing my classic wardrobe with a few trend-pieces here and there. I don’t really know what I would class that as but I know one thing, I’m a Style Spy girl!

Last purchase…I was gallivanting around New York with my girlfriends, searching for my next fashion indulgence and found a gorgeous silk, silver bubble dress by Rebecca Taylor. To-die-for.

On the wish list… Honestly, I need new staple pumps. And my answer is always Prada or Gucci! And the dove grey, Ostrich leather Hermes Birkin Bag. That certainly belongs on the wish list.

Fave Trends… I can’t live without big sunnies! They’re a brilliant addition to any outfit (casual or sophisticated) and on those days when I feel like putting up a force field, they’re the next best thing. But of course, ponies are mega hot (the European Chic in blo speak). A sleek side pony works in the boardroom but it also works for a night out which is convenient because I often go straight from work to evening events.

Hair secret… I am the backcombing queen. The higher the hair the closer to God.

Fave hair menu style… Sex, Hugs and Rock n Roll (big curls, lotsa volume) and of course, a perfect side pony.

Fave mags… Vogue, gossip mags, InStyle..the usual suspects.

Trend I want to spread… Body-suit blouses they need to come back!

My most prized possession… My new MacBook, love it, how did I live without it?


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Reader's Comments

  1. Hil is by far my fave stylespy girl of the week!

  2. hil’s most definitely one of our sweetest GOTW’s =)

  3. I am the backcombing queen. The higher the hair the closer to God.

    Love it, so much spunk. No wonder she’s in PR.

  4. Looking good Miss. I heart the dress. It matches your vibrant personality.

  5. Isnt’t Hilary’s dress reminicscent of a certain SATC frock a la Sarah Jessica??! Love!

  6. Ishra do you mean the green one from the movie?

  7. Okay… since I work at Aritzia and I’m such a dork. We actually have something similar we used to carry by wilfred and it’s silk as well. Still super cute, but thats what it reminds me of.

  8. Cute dress and cute girl!

  9. UMMMMM this girl is my BEST friend big sister from my sorority Gamma Phi Beta and i love her.


  10. My little hilbilly.

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