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Girl of the Week: Guy of the Week

Style Spy girls may recognize CRAIG DAVID LONG, our Guy of the Week, from his past street style blog The Commodified. In his new gig Craig is putting Vancouver on the fashion map as the city’s blogger for FASHION Magazine look for his feature called Zeitgeist! If you pass Craig on the street just don’t ask if he’s Metro, so 1999 in his fashion files. Meet Craig.

I’m rocking: Vintage leather shoes, H&M jeans, American Apparel tee, Zara blazer, Banana Republic leather duffle bag.

Why is blogging your outlet: Because there are no barriers to what you can write. Your imagination is the only limit.

What intrigues you about personal style: Personal style is a form of interpersonal communication. Through it, we tell stories to one another about what we value, believe in and belong to.

Who do you think make up Vancouver’s fashion mafia: There is a small crew of talented stylists and photographers who I think are dominating the fashion scene… but in a very good way!

What would you say to someone who thinks fashion is not important:
I would probably think this person is very naive. I might ask them if they would wear the same outfit to a job interview as they would on a date or to the bar.

My personal style: Informed by culture, past and present.

Top three wardrobe essentials: Vintage shoes, leather briefcase or bag, investment-piece jacket/coat.

For a night out on the town: Fitted blazer.

Splurge on: Jackets/Coats. With Vancouver weather we wear them every day, everywhere we go. It is worth it to have a few good options.

Wish guys would stop wearing: Silk-screen tee shirts.

Top grooming secret: Nature’s hair product – don’t shampoo every day.

Fave places to shop: Sale racks – why spend a fortune?

Most prized fashion possession: Vintage 1970s YSL aviator sunglasses, found at a thrift store.

Tips for guys confused about wardrobe: First, buy things that are fitted. The tailored look never goes out of style. Second, buy things which are simple, because it is easier to integrate into your existing wardrobe.

Do guys get buyer’s remorse: I would imagine so. We live in an age where we are taught not to think and just spend. Impulse buys always lead to regret.

Heidi Hofstad, The Style Spy

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  1. Great interview. All style spy guys should be taking notes.

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