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Much love goes to the sweater dress this Fall for its comfort, warmth and splash of style. We raided Blair Waldorf’s closet from Gossip Girl (OK, in our dreams) for top picks of the season. Wear sweater dresses Monday through Friday with a pair of chic boots and coloured tights, all the while imagining yourself sipping espresso on New York’s Upper East Side.

Christie Lohr, The Style Spy

Sweater Dress ($90), Le Chateau

Sweater Dress ($89), Mango

Cable Knit Dress ($78), Gap

Joe Fresh Style Purple Sweater Dress ($39), Superstore

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Reader's Comments

  1. sweater dresses, colored tights and boots! sounds like my kind of winter style! would do anything to have blair’s closet!!

  2. I love sweater dresses. H&M is a good place to find affordable ones as well.

  3. LOVE the le chateau one. I spotted a sweater dress at Club Monaco a couple of days ago that was even better!

  4. I have a Joe Fresh one similar to the pic shown above but mine has a scoop neck and pockets in a dark grey… I looove that it’s almost like a comfy nighty LOL but super chic. Add slammin shoes and you’re good to go… Perfect for lazy days or when in a rush!

  5. I am also a sweater dress fan, I actually have the one from le chateau & just love it. It’s super comfy!

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