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Girl of the Week: Natalie Mejia & Tiffanie Anderson

On a recent stop at Mavi Jeans headquarters, who did The Style Spy catch sifting through denim? TIFFANIE ANDERSON and NATALIE MEJIA – half of the hottie group GIRLICIOUS. Despite their recently upgraded celebrity status and the antics on their small screen reality show, these lil ladies are no divas. Eagerly touring the nation learning about (and spending on) Canadian fashion, while dropping their new single Babydoll, Tiff and Nat say Girlicious knows how to keep it real especially when it comes to style.

Caught In:

Tiffanie: We’re usually in some kind of spandex. We love spandex. OK, more some form of leggings, but we live in them. Today though, I’m wearing Mavi jeans, some old beater I don’t even know where it’s from, and I gotta look in my shoe they are Report Signature shoes!

Natalie: I just bought these hot boots from Bebe on Robson yesterday – they say Bebe on the front of the toe, that’s pretty cool. And some no-name, just whatever, black leggings with an Obey t-shirt.

Personal Style:

Natalie: Nichole’s look is just pretty. Even if she toughens up, she’s always just that pretty girl. And me, I am that Latina girl from 8th Street in L.A., hanging out in my high-tops and tee shirt. You’ll see more of my real look in the Babydoll video.

Tiffanie: I am just plain ol ghetto. I want everything to be big, bold, and fabulous. I love gold. And Chrystina, she is a bit of a tomboy. But we are all urban girls and that shows in our style.

Celeb looks we love:

Natalie: We all think Rihanna has pretty dope style. We love her looks. And of course, The Pussycat Dolls รขโ‚ฌโ€œ they are hot.

Inspired By:

Tiffanie: Our style has been inspired by Canada. We’ve been touring here so much. Back at home, we can throw on flip flops, a t-shirt and go. But here, we find ourselves mixing in cute leather jackets, layering more with scarves and stuff. Weather can really make you take a different approach to fashion.

Natalie: And toques. We call them beanies at home. We were like What’s a toque? but, we wear toques now!

California Love:

Tiffanie: All of us are from California – except Nichole – but we are all pretty urban girls.

Natalie: If you are in Los Angeles, you gotta go shopping in The District.

We Wanna Shop In ________:

Tiffanie & Natalie: Japan.

Can’t Live Without:

Tiffanie & Natalie: Concealer.

Tiffanie:Studio Fix C35 from MAC.

Natalie: I use Studio Fix from MAC too and Girlicious loves having awesome hair. We use products from Big Sexy Hair. I also really love high-tops, mostly Nike high-tops.

Next Purchase:

Tiffanie: This might sound dumb, but I want a Blackberry Bold. You can get one here, but you can’t get one in the States. Electronic accessories are the new thing. And I just bought a car, so that’s it for me.

Natalie: I’ve never really bought myself a pair of expensive sunglasses, so I will get some big ones soon.

Style-ology 101:

Tiffanie: Spending money on crazy things, like a $20,000 purse is just stupid. You can go buy a house or something. You don’t gotta go broke to look good, just don’t look broke. You know, not all [our fans] have tons of money and we didn’t always either – we are everyday girls.

Natalie: Yeah, if I see a girl in a lil $10 Urban Outfitters t-shirt with some jeans and heels or kicks, I think she is cute.

Reader's Comments

  1. Just a lil insider to all the readers. The girls were truly down to earth, not jaded, LOVES Canada and FYI… Broke out into a lil jingle about spandex mid-interview!

  2. ah cute I love my nike high-tops too ๐Ÿ™‚ who needs boots when you have some good nike high-tops?

  3. They seem really nice. Natalie was my favourite when the show was on. I have to say, I’m not a big fan of the “leggings as pants” look–but to each their own, I guess.

  4. <3 i love those two.. ahh… are they still around here?

  5. They sound nice! And though I agree that I’m not a big fan of the leggings as pants look, I love that they preach not spending tons of money to look good and that it’s always best to be realistic and practical ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. still choked that i didn’t make it out for this! the girls are so cute.

  7. girlicious is one of my guilty pleasures. addicted to the reality show. the girls are so hot. but hate to admit i love ’em! haha

  8. awww.TOQUES!! thats right..I LOVE ‘EM GIRLICIOUS!
    hehe.. they love Canada! HOLLA!

  9. It was a pleasure having Girlicious and Stylespy at Mavi!

  10. Man I love these girls. They are so down to earth and real!! Love em!!!

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