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Girl of the Week: Jasmine & Loveleen Sull

Style Spy girls don’t need skipping ropes for our kind of double dutch. Instead, two edgy deejays who are also our Girls of the Week: Jasmine ‘Sodalicious’ Sull (pictured to the left, to the left – sorry, Beyonce moment) and Loveleen ‘L-Burna’ / ‘Luhleeeanbak’ Sull. Taking to the booth for Double Dutch night at The Met (320 Abbott Street, Vancouver) these cool cousins – not twins – make sure ladies can shake-it (not break it) on the dance floor. Talk about a family affair.

I’m rocking:
Loveleen’s: Button-up shirt and silk tank from Forever 21, leggings from American Apparel, Steven Madden ankle boots, and H&M belt.
Jasmine’s: Vintage Georgetown t-shirt, leggings from American Apparel, Steve Madden pumps, toque from Army and Navy.

Feel most comfortable wearing [blank] while deejaying:
Loveleen: Anything high waisted.
Jasmine: Something flashy.

On each others style:
Loveleen on Jasmine: Quirky, flashy and classy.
Jasmine on Loveleen: Put together, but unique.

Describe working with your cousin:
Loveleen: Entertaining. We have stages we go through each night, including our giddy stage, where we laugh at absolutely anything and everything.
Jasmine: Pretty funny because our backs hurt at the same time…seriously.

The best pieces in your closet:
Loveleen: Leather jacket and Adidas sneakers.
Jasmine: Fake, bling tracksuit jacket and Tupac shirt.

You have buyer’s remorse about:
Loveleen: Anything purchased for school related activities – “business casual” clothing.
Jasmine: I don’t spend money on things.

On your wish list:
Loveleen: Chunky, wool cardigan and taupe knee-high boots.
Jasmine: SLR camera.

Shameless cash-saving beauty trick:
Loveleen: I cut my own bangs.
Jasmine: Use Loveleen’s make-up – and clothes.

Trend you want to spread:
Loveleen: Listening to R&B / Hip Hop at a certain Double Dutch night at The Met.
Jasmine: Guys wearing green tracksuits.

Anything lucky you bring with your on a gig:
Loveleen & Jasmine: Our life-size MC Hammer and Kid wooden cut-outs.

Addicted to:
Loveleen: Gold jewellery and chocolate.
Jasmine: Coffee and Facebook.

A dare for Style Spy girls. Why don’t they:
Loveleen & Jasmine: Come to The Met for Double Dutch!

Fave stores:
Loveleen: Vintage stores, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters.
Jasmine: Vintage stores, El Kartel, and American Apparel.

Your fashion mantra:
Loveleen: Wear whatever I want to wear.
Jasmine: Wear whatever is on my floor.

Love most about deejaying:
Loveleen: I get to play what I would want to hear.
Jasmine: I can play Jodeci.

Fave song of all time:
Loveleen: Anything Craig David.
Jasmine: Anything R. Kelly.

Heidi Hofstad, The Style Spy

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Reader's Comments

  1. I like how individual and quirky and down-to-earth they seem, and their style is definitely accessible and relatable for the everyday girl. I’m not a big fan of the “leggings as pants” look, but I do like how Jasmine is rocking the oversized hoops with the red toque and I admire what a great job Loveleen does on her own bangs!

  2. they got personality in their style, luv it.

  3. Love their looks! I love the shiny black leggings. I wear mine all the time! Hot.

  4. loveleen reminds me of jenny humphrey!

  5. YAY! thrifty fashionistas! It proves you don’t have to spend HUGE to look Fab!! In fact, they’ve got a lot of flavor and personality with their mixed up wardrobe! A breath of fresh air!

  6. love the shameless advertising…I am now going to check out Double dutch! hehe These girls also have style and are not afraid to show it

  7. what hotties!

  8. I thought I was the only shameless self-promoter. I agree with Maximus, too – perfect mix of wicked personalities and style.

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