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Girl of the Week: Aliyah Shamsher

Nobody puts baby in the corner, especially here at The Style Spy. Instead we throw our in-house Baby Girl, ALIYAH SHAMSHER in the Spotlight – her new weekly column. Aliyah, our Girl of the Week, will be profiling great designers, buyers, and editors from across Canada – a big feat for a cutie who is so pint-sized (like the Olsen twins)!

I’m rocking: Wilfred cropped trousers, American Apparel Tank, Obey leather bomber, Aldo shoes, and vintage jewellery from my mom’s jewellery box.

Feel my best in: Beautiful lingerie.

Future career aspiration: To be a sitting editor at a fashion magazine, either in Canada or abroad.

Can’t live without: My Repetto ballet flats.

A style you secretly want to try: None, but my style is constantly evolving with each day that passes. It’s more of a realization as I discover what I like and don’t like and the type of clothes I want to wear. That being said, making mistakes along the way is probably the most fun, I have a closet full of mistakes.

Indulgences: Spending time with my favourite people, watching old movies and generally doing absolutely nothing.

Fave beauty treatment: Sleeping past noon.

Your fashion mantra: Simple and gorgeous.

Top three fashion wintertime essentials: A chunky knit sweater (still needs to be purchased), a warm fire and a pile of magazines and books.

What intrigues you about personal style:
Fashion today is so open-ended. It’s not about one particular style, but a multitude of different inspirations, allowing everyone to express themselves. However, I think the challenge now is sifting through all the choices out there and finding what really works for you; clothes that transcend trends. Personal style is about playing for keeps.

Dream shopping partner:
Carine Roitfeld.

Fave magazines: Vogue Paris, American Vogue and W.

Who’s closet would you like to steal: Melanie Huynh, Junior Editor of Vogue Paris.

Style icons: Carine Roitfeld, Melanie Huynh, Geraldine Saglio, Caroline Sieber, Claire D’Helens and Sofia Coppola.

You’re excited to be writing Spotlight because: With each interview you’ll get an entirely new perspective on style and working in the fashion industry.

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Reader's Comments

  1. Those pants looked wicked on you tonite!

  2. Why haven’t I come across that jacket? It is fabulous and so is she. LOVE her whole look.

  3. Why haven’t I come across that jacket? It is fabulous and so is she. LOVE her whole look.

  4. Such a sweetheart! I’m looking forward to reading the new column.

  5. I love that jacket, where can you find it?

  6. online lol! i saw it on but i think it may have sold out already

  7. Aliyah got it at Vozz in early September, I don’t think they have it anymore.

  8. Baby Girl is my heart! So stylish and always looks like she has a fresh brush of bronzer on (that’s my dream) – a little jealous!

  9. Yay for short girls! Love that jacket and can’t wait to read her articles 🙂

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