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Girl of the Week: Elysha Low

Meet Girl of the Week ELYSHA LOW,we first spotted this super cutie working at our fave lash extension spot Wink Beauty Lounge. Fresh out of school, Elysha’s hoping to make a career out of her love for fashion. We think she’s got a great start with her oh-so-sweet style.

I’m rocking: An Urban Outfitters printed jacket, white H&M tank, black Urban Behavior high waist skirt, fuschia Asos knot belt, my current favourite leopard heart Betsey Johnson necklace, a Forever21 pearl stretchy bracelet, and slightly over the knee boots from Lushuz on Main Street in Vancouver.

Can’t live without: My contacts, makeup, flat iron or curling iron (depending on my haircut), Jell-O and leggings.

Fave beauty treatment: Lash extensions from Wink! I tried to avoid the obsession that all our clients succumb to, but they just look so damn good!

Why you love lashes: They make me feel pretty even when I wake up in the morning with no makeup on!

Your fashion mantra: Have a great sense of style, and don’t be boring. Take bits from different styles or trends to make it your own. And only buy into trends that flatter your body. Sniff, sniff, if only I could wear skirts with flat ankle boots.

New Years ensemble: I’m undecided! I want a dress with a gloss, not sheen, to it, but I may just have to make it myself in the little time left.

New Years fashion-related resolution: To stop buying cheap-looking clothes and accessories and clean my closet so it is as perfect as Nina Garcia’s.

Must-visit stores: Zara, I always find something especially the European stores. always has that new “it” item at a reasonable price, plus shipping to Canada is cheap. And one day I will purchase something from Nasty Gal (, they have amazing vintage things at a great price. I would pick TopShop if they shipped to Canada!

Dream shopping partner: Stylists like Andrea Lieberman (styles Gwen Stefani) and Carine Roitfeld (started as a writer and stylist) and Kelly Wearstler, an interior designer with a bold modern baroque sense.

I collect: Scarves, mostly printed polyester (I ruin silk) and unusual, but bold necklaces.

Most prized possession in the closet: My Zara grey and black striped, slightly oversized wool coat with a dramatic collar. I was so shocked and elated to find it during sale time for half price. I thought it was gone forever!

Style icons: Carine Roitfeld (the French look so perfectly effortless and chic), Chloe Sevigny, various women of fashion blogs (see below).

Favourite fashion blogs: The Sartorialist, Karla’s Closet, Garance Dore (now in English!), Kingdom of Style, and of course, The Style Spy. Also, has amazing vintage fashion photos. I love searching the internet and magazines for new fashion ideas.

Favourite designers: Always Stella McCartney! Every piece has that little extra detail. Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Yves St. Laurent, Sonia Rykiel and Matthew Williamson.

My guilty pleasure/indulgence: Watching old movies from the 50’s-60’s on Turner Classic Movies channel with snacks. Anything with classic starlets such as Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Lauren Bacall.


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  1. such a cutie, and all her pieces are afforadable. shows how u can look fab even without super designer names.

  2. SHE is awesome! I likes!

  3. Great GOTW profile! She looks like a million bucks but she’s wearing affordable pieces.

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