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Gloria Jang

A Style Spy fanatic, reader GLORIA JANG is not only shopping obsessed, but also Hello Kitty obsessed. She’s even got a HK tattoo on her back! Meet Gloria…

Brand Lover: Coach, LV, Bebe, True Religion, Hudsons, Talula, Jimmy Choo, Dereon etc (too many to list out)

Store Faves: Gift Surprise, H&M, Sephora and Holt Renfrew.

Loves to Shop At: Metrotown, Robson, Queensbourough Landing and the outlets across the border.

Fave Piece in Your Closet: I have many not just one..but it’ll have to be my new white Taula winter bomber.

Addicted To: HELLO KITTY!

Can’t Live Without: Make-up, hair rollers and or hair straightener and false lashes.

Style Icon: For me it’ll have to be, Beyonce I love her clothing line and her sense of style.

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