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Link Love

Our fave stories this week in fashion, gossip and more…

Blake Lively does the cover of February Vogue. GG is a hot show, but is she Vogue cover worthy? (Just Jared), one of the best street style blogs signs a book deal (Fashionista)

Gastown shopping hot spot (212)’s Studio Sale (212)

Gisele and Tom Brady are engaged. Top supermodel and hunky athlete. Must be rough to be so gorgeous. (People)

Golden Globe Fashion Wrap-Up. Cameron Diaz hot pink prom dress. Drew Barrymore’s poofy hair. J Lo’s tacky gold number. (Huffington Post)

Reader's Comments

  1. I have to admit I was surprised that Blake is on the cover of Vogue. She’s not a big Hollywood star, but the show gets more attention for its fashion than its plotlines. She looks gorgeous and I’m definitely going to rush out and buy a copy.

  2. I can’t stop staring at that fabulous bracelet she has on. Who’s it by, Erica?

  3. Lisa, I was thinking the same thing! I thought “Link Love” was all about cuff bracelets…

  4. Will find out for you! We suspect we know what brand it is, but want to confirm inside the Vogue..

  5. Not worthy lol! I think it was a major diss that they put Blake on the upcoming Vogue and Leighton on this months Teen Vogue. I think a more viable cover would have been both of them..or send them over to Vanity Fair for a full cast cover. 😐

    That said, a nice attempt by Vogue to entice younger readers! Like the clothes, hate the makeup.

  6. That’s what Aliyah said. Vogue needs new readers and wants to sell on newsstands, so they’re trying to hit the younger market by having Blake. She also must have a wicked publicist!

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