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Girl of the Week: Rhiannon Davies

We spotted RHIANNON DAVIES at the Aritzia Fashion Show in Vancouver. In town from Calgary, Rhiannon was here to see the Spring 09 Aritzia collection and celebrate the accomplishments of her fellow co-workers. Go Team Aritzia! There were many super stylish girls at this event, but the daring dress and the gorgeous hair made Rhiannon our pick.

Wearing… A Banana Republic blouse as a dress, Hue tights and Steve Madden heels.

Style Mantra…I try not to sacrifice comfort for fashion, my feet will disagree.

Splurge on… Jeans and accessories whatever they may be…bangles, clutches, watches.

Cheap Thrills… Flannel and vintage t-shirts.

Go-to-Outfit… Lauren Moshi tank, black skinny jeans with heels and a leather jacket.

Top Shops… Aritzia (convenient), Zara (if you have the patience), Holt Renfrew (when you want to splurge).

Can’t live without… High heels, nail polish and jeans!

Vital beauty products…
Mascara, black eyeliner and Rosebud salve.

Style Inspirations… Mostly my friends but I have to admit I love Nichole Richie!

Favourite designers…
Marc Jacobs, Lauren Moshi and the beloved Coco Chanel.

Top three spring essentials you will be purchasing…
My second pair of black Havaianas flip flops, Current/Elliott Boyfriend shorts, and a giant sun hat.

Coveting from the Aritzia Fashion show… Wilfred T-shirt dresses and flannel with hoods!



Reader's Comments

  1. Hey Gals. Apologies for the late post today, but my MacBook Pro had a meltdown yesterday and it’s out of commish. Sadly, for someone who runs a site like this, a busted laptop is a very sad thing. So I finally find a computer to update. Hopefully I will get my laptop back soon. Happy V-Day Gals!

  2. Super cute, dress is really really short. I wonder if that is still available at Banana.

  3. yeah agreed. It’s a bit too short… awkward

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