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Girl of the Week: Guy of the Week

Need a lesson in how to look perfectly put together, even at school? Look no further than this week’s pick for our guy of the week: Kyle Besuschko. Summers in Europe, and a love vintage shopping, art history and English Literature has definitely shaped how Kyle puts together the perfect mix of high-low style each day I see him at UBC. Meet Kyle, and start taking notes.

Wearing… Vintage two-toned collar shirt, a striped t-shirt, cardigan PLAY by Comme des Garcons, vintage navy blue blazer, denim by A.P.C., brogues bought in Florence.

Personal style… I’m fairly nostalgic about different eras of fashion. However, my sentimentality is only a reference and I’m usually drawn to pieces that are artistic and well-crafted. I am also lucky to have some rather natty friends, who continue to inspire my style.

Top three wardrobe essentials… Ralph Lauren crew neck, I like the new cure jeans from A.P.C. and straight leg white denim from the Gap along with Clarks Original Desert Boots.

Perfect outfit for a night out… Depends on location, but something a bit left of classic. Have fun, but pay attention to details, be it a tuxedo ruffle on a basic t-shirt or an unexpected pair of patent leather shoes. People will notice.

What intrigues you most about personal style… Style is an extension of certain characteristics of one’s personality. It’s an element that can attract or repel people and this quality permits style the strange duality of being intrinsically important and incredibly superficial.

Top grooming secret… Recently, I started cutting my own hair. I keep it pretty simple, short on the sides and I experiment with the length depending on my mood. It will be interesting for summer after a few days at the pool and sun-bleached hair.

Splurge on… Tailoring. It’s a luxury I can rarely afford, but it helps to make you feel so much more comfortable in your clothes! My best advice: have a tailor take in your jeans to get a slimmer, more custom fit.

Wish guys would stop wearing… The whole “Hipster” look is just celebrating bad hygiene. The main culprit: Lumber Jack Plaid.

Top Shops… In Vancouver I like Gravity Pope and Roden Gray. I’m also a big vintage fan: Mintage, True Value Vintage, and without a doubt Value Village where I have found many great items.

Most prized possession… I’ve got three: my Balenciaga wallet, navy blue leather gloves bought in Rome and my vintage Lanvin grey and white loafers bought at Value Village for a steal.

Fashion tips for guys… Attitude. People look most stylish when they are confident about what they’re wearing and are not trying to be narcissistic. It always helps if can recognize what cuts and proportions suite your body type.

Aliyah Shamsher, The Style Spy

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  1. love the look! very british, very edgy

  2. He seems very put-together and confident. Great GOTW choice, Aliyah!

  3. love it!! he should be on Facehunter or something!

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