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The City In Review

A busy Monday night made me miss The City, so I’m a day late. Don’t hate me. Overall, a kind of boring episode. Erin is confused about her ex JR. Olivia and Jay just can’t get along. And Whitney’s in the middle of all the madness. Other thoughts on The City this week:

1. Did you know Jay’s ex girlfriend is Orlando Bloom’s current squeeze, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr.
2. Erin’s got hot red lips and metallic nails in the NYC cab.
3. A peek at Olivia’s over-packed closet, spotted: Zac Posen bag.
4. Digging the classic two-tone white and black blazer on Olivia, a very weekend in the Hamptons.
5. OMG, Brooke Shields is coming to this shingdig. I must admit, I like Lipstick Jungle. I just keep missing it on TV.
6. Whitney’s outfit in the office, tweed-like coat and diamond shaped ghetto fab earrings, the 80’s are back.
7. Erin’s ex-bf JR is not nearly as cute as the Canadian boyfriend, he does look cuter behind a bar.
8. Do we even like Jay’s music?
9. Erin’s crying. More tears. Guess we need someone to fill Ali’s spot.
10. Must raid Olivia’s closet, military coat and Hermes Birken.

I hope the exciting dramz returns next week…

Erica Lam, The Style Spy


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  1. jay ALSO dated TARA REID!! do we smell a jason whaller 2.0? i sure do hope not!

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