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Girl of the Week: Sunny Shum

Your style forecast is partly sunny. ..and with that we introduce Girl of the Week SUNNY SHUM. Buyer for Sterling Shoes by day and the blogger behind, by night, well probably by day too, but you know what we’re putting down – this girlie is hot (no pun intended). Spreading noteworthy finds to all her friends and helping us ditch our umbrellas, ladies meet Sunny.

You’re rocking… Miu Miu bag, L.A.M.B. shoes, Club Monaco jeans, H&M tuxedo blazer, BCBG bangle, zebra scarf from Winners and the shirt is so old, I don’t even remember.

Describe your style… Feminine with a dash of street edge.

Top shops… I really don’t have one. I shop literally everywhere! It’s the only way to get a really great mix.

Best way to torture the fellas… Give a winning smile, bat your eyelashes and perhaps show off your backless dress!

What’s on your fashion hot list… A jumper and perhaps some harem-style pants that fit me well.

Most treasured possession… My grey leather Miu Miu bag.

What three items do you always carry… Rosebud Salve, black eyeliner and my Blackberry.

Confessions of a shopaholic… I have a BCBG dress I bought about two years ago that still has the tags on it.

You can never have too many… Shoes and handbags, of course. And guilty pleasure magazines like US Weekly and People!

You birthday was recently, what was you fave gift… My Forget Me Knot Ring by Kiel Mead from my boyfriend.

Best find ever… My first pair of Miu Miu pumps during a trip to Stiges, Spain. They were 60% off.

Describe your shopping high… Paris, when I got to shop there I was on a high! I also get the same feeling when I walk into a really fantastic vintage store or flea market.

When did you realize you were a fashionista… As a little girl, when I started spending my hard earned money on clothes.

What’s your ringtone… Don’t laugh! Danity Kane’s “Damaged”.

Who would be your ultimate shopping partner… Patricia Field.

Investment pieces or frugal frocks… I ultimately believe in both. However, I feel you should spend money on your basic tailored items. I also believe that well made footwear and handbags are worth investing in. As for fast fashion – go frugal!

Beauty must-have… Benefit BADGal Mascara.


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Reader's Comments

  1. I like how she mixes high and low. The H&M tux blazer looks like a million on her!

  2. Benefit Bad Gal lash is the best!!

  3. i love her outfit. the winners scarf is so cute – i always have the worst luck there.

  4. So gorgeous!

  5. I want that H&M tux blazer!!!

  6. Definitely agree about the blazer, it fits her so well. And SOO jealous of the Miu Miu bag…ahhh!!

  7. Ms. Shum looks absolutely gorgeous!! She’s my idol 🙂 Loved her answers!!

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