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Girl of the Week: Gloria Chik

I stumbled upon UrbaneBloc a couple months ago and was astounded at how great the blog looked. Not to mention the fact that the daily posts are always little tongue-and-cheek. UrbaneBloc is run by the lovely and talented GLORIA CHIK from Toronto. With a penchant for pretty things, big cameras, graphic design and magazines this blog has become part of my morning ‘blog routine’ (I know you have one too). Ladies, meet Gloria.

Wearing… I’m wearing a sheer cardigan from Club Monaco, a skirt from who-knows-where (but I know it was $9.00 and a size too big so I pin it), a waist belt from Rudsak, tights from H&M, and the shoes that I’m not wearing are vintage from Kensington Market. The necklace is from the CNE circa 2004 (cube stones, love it!). Oh, I’m sitting on a mini table from IKEA that I am totally, utterly smitten with still.

Personal style… It’s a mishmash. I pick out things that I enjoy surprising people with (What do you mean it’s vintage?! or, I can’t believe you bought that there!). I’d say it’s pretty girly these days, but I have my hipster moments (can’t say no to plaid).

Online reading list… I’m addicted to Miss Yulanda from littlethoughts, Trungstar from CONTRA, and of course my Toronto faves and

Must-have magazines… Metropop (they gave me an inflatable Onitsuka Tiger shoe, I have to love them), Lula Magazine (so incredible rich in imagery), also Elle and Flare are good flip throughs.

Favourite designers… Adrienne Butikofer is amazing, check out her fall line, I could pass out, Mikhael Kale gives me shivers, love Twinkle by Wenlen, and Stella McCartney.

Top shops… I’m not going to lie, I’m addicted to Club Monaco (love bright accents and pushing the boundaries of business casual), Rudsak, Kensington Market (there was a place called Nana that’s run by some adorable Japanese folks, they’ve since moved), and my biggest secret, Old Navy clearance (once I got a dress from there for $17.00 because I knew I would ruin it for New Years)

Most treasured possession… Right now it’s a felt-based blazer with crest-emblazoned buttons. I’ll never tell you where it’s from though.

Currently craving… A baggy jersey tank with a mini pocket  – you’ve seen them, don’t lie. Could do it in silk too.

Best find ever… Leather cone-heeled booties from Feet First that were 70% off (say yes to quality shoes for $40).

Investment pieces or frugal frocks… Both! It depends, purses are a good investment piece, frugal frocks are good when it’s a seasonal / out there piece. Who wants to spend exuberant amounts of money on a tiered tank top? Not I, says I.

Beauty bag… The Metropolis Ceramic Straightener because it curls too, Rosebud Lip Salve, C.O. Bigelow’s Pomegranate Body Wash, and giant 1.5L waters from Shoppers Drug Mart.

Style icons… Nicole Ritchie-post-trashy-black-hair days, the mom’s still got it, she’s adorable! And I’m not going to lie; Gossip Girl has me hooked on clothing selection alone.

Why do you think fashion and style blogs have becomes so popular… It’s accessible, it’s fun to read, and bloggers are just genuinely amazing folk for the most part. They’ve got character and let it be known. It’s difficult to find a quality blog that you can go to and trust that they’ll present something engaging, lighthearted, and visually pleasing.

Fashion commandments… Never wear crocs, if you can’t lift your arms the top’s way too tight, and wear what you like without paying heed to the brand (most people like my randomly cheap wares  – so don’t judge by label!)


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  2. Gloryyyyyyy!!! LAWL this is amazing! Congratulations xoxox

  3. Such a great entertaining look into Gloria’s mind, EXCEPT FOR THE WATER BOTTLE!!! Water is great, but lets go for a cute Sigg bottle and our ever so clean and clear Vancouver (Toronto) tap water!!

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