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Girl of the Week: Susan Vu

Here at The Style Spy we are continually obsessed with all things beautiful -from our personalized stationary all the way down to our shoes we know a little something about pretty things. That being said, we always trust SUSAN VU of Boudior to supply us with some the most beautiful dresses and jewelry in the city. Ladies, meet Susan.

Wearing… Dress by Heartloom, jewelry by AV Max (all available at Boudoir), and shoes by Nine West.

Personal style… My personal style is actually very simple. I like to choose one statement piece and keep the rest very simple.

Top three wardrobe essentials… T-shirt, jeans and cardigan. You’ll see me rocking this combination at least 3 out of 4 days a week!

Perfect outfit for a night out… A dress! It makes everything so simple. There is no need to decide on what top goes with what bottom, and depending on the style of dress you can eat and drink as much as you want!

Top designers… My absolute favorite label right now is Covet. I really appreciate their simple yet trend-forward approach. It just works so well for our Vancouver lifestyle and weather! Nu Collective from L.A. also tops my list. They do the most beautiful tops and dresses, perfect for that special occasion.

Favourite magazines… I subscribe to LouLou which covers my local fashion fix and than InStyle to keep me updated on what the rest of the world is up to.

What intrigues you most about personal style… I love seeing how some people wear certain things differently. There are countless ways to wear some things.. but its all about how you’re able to make it your own.

Beauty routine… 15 minutes on makeup, 15 minutes on hair, all while thinking about what I’m going to wear. I try to multitask whenever possible!

Fashionably inspired by… Having my own boutique, I’m very fortunate to be around so much fashion inspiration. I’m inspired by all the great designers and collections I get to see, and I’m also inspired by all of my customers that I interact with on a daily basis. Sometimes they get fashion inspiration from me and sometimes I get fashion inspiration from them!

Can’t live without… I cant live without my Yorkie Mango. He goes everywhere with me. He’s my BDF.

Splurge on… The only thing I ever really splurge on is traveling. I never have buyers remorse when it comes to spending money on trips.

Signature scent… Chris 1947 by Dior. I got it as a gift one birthday and am struggling to finish the bottle.

Dream shopping partner… Gok Wang from Goks Fashion Fix! I’m always AMAZED at his talent in styling the most basic and inexpensive pieces into something so special. I’ve learned the art of tying the perfect bow from watching his show.

Next major purchase… My next major purchase will definitely be a ticket to somewhere hot and sunny!! far far away from all of this grey!

Erica Lam, The Style Spy

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Reader's Comments

  1. I love her penchant for travelling! I know this is a shopping website, but sometimes money well-spent isn’t about acquiring the newest coolest thing–it’s about experiences you’ll cherish. Great GOTW choice, Erica.

  2. Yay!! Sue’s my go to gal for every event or fashion crisis I have. Other stores I’ll find one or two pieces I *might* like that *might fit – at Boudoir, everything’s a *like* AND a *fit* – gotta love that!!

  3. Love it. Amazing GOTW. I want to travel more now lol

  4. Susan is my girl of the YEAR! She has a keen fashion eye and is always one step ahead of the pack!

  5. Susan’s style is super cute! I definitely gotta check out her boutique!

  6. Go Susan! This lil lady is definitely FUN to travel with. I’ve been so lucky to have had that experience with her =P Boudoir is also a gem of Yaletown (minus the snobby-ness). Make sure to stop by and play dress up with Susan!

  7. after visiting boudoir today, i googled “Nu Collective” and of course, run into the style spy article on susan vu!

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