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Girl of the Week: Kelsey Dundon

I have always said that I love style more than fashion, which why I am completely obsessed with style blogs. The Anthology, run by the wonderful KELSEY DUNDON touts that her blog is a modest collection of inspiring and intriguing things and posts regularly about fashion, decor, places, and music (with a few puppy portraits for good measure). Her blog has quickly become a new favourite of mine – plus who doesn’t love a good puppy picture. Ladies, meet Kelsey.

Wearing… Prada sunglasses, Banana Republic cardigan, vintage dress, vintage belt, amethyst cuff from Macy’s, and Calvin Klein shoes

Personal style… All over the place.

Top three wardrobe essentials… Vintage dresses, costume jewelry and sky high heels.

What inspires your style… What doesn’t? I pull from menswear, grannywear, and everything in between.

Favourite designers… I hate to play favourites, but I love Balmain and Balenciaga. Though a closet full of Oscar de la Renta dresses would be a-okay too.

Makeup bag confidential… 800 colours of Lancome’s Juicy Tube lipglosses and Stella McCartney Stella perfume.

Splurge on… Any one-of-a-kind piece I fall in love with.

Top shops… Vintage shops and teeny tiny boutiques, like Vincent Park and Umeboshi.

Next major purchase… Buckets of jewelry at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Best sartorial advice you have ever received… My friend Laura once said about an outrageous outfit: “you’ve just got to rock it.” I’ve taken that to heart.

Flats or heels… Is it greedy to say both?

I build my daily look around… My shoes. When I have to do a lot of walking I wear comfy footwear. Being uncomfortable makes me cranky so I work from the ground up.

Favourite magazines… Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Vogue Living and Vogue.

Most cherished item… My camera.

Why do you think style blogging has become so popular… Style blogs are just so much fun. They can be personal (you get to know the authors), international (some of my favourites are in Paris) and instant.


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Reader's Comments

  1. LOVE the outfit. Makes me want to shop more vintage.

  2. Great pick. The outfit is fantastic!

  3. fantastic outfit! LOVE the dress.

  4. KD is THE vintage queen at our office. Her outfits are totally her own unique style and she inspires us all. And who doesn’t love her darling puppy?

  5. Girl of the week! I adore this list. Fabulous responses for a deeply fabulous series.


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