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Beauty Counter: Insider Tips and Tricks

From the top hairstylists to the most in-demand makeup artists, our beauty experts share their insider perspective on the latest hair and makeup tips and trends

Call me clueless about makeup but sometimes I think applying mascara takes too much time and usually I just can’t be bothered. Of course, I will put it on if I’m going out at night but start mentioning eyeshadow, eyeliner or (gasp!) lip liner and you’ve lost me completely. I asked makeup artist KREAG SEIME to give Style Spy readers some insider tips and tricks on how-to apply makeup. Now that I know the ‘how-to’ maybe I’ll add some more products to my routine… baby steps though, baby steps.

Eyeliner on the tear line: “How do I stop the eyeliner from smudging off my tear line???”
Well.. I recommend using a water proof gel liner rather then a pencil for this application. I like the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner ($24 CAD) or the Napoleon Perdis China Doll Eyeliner ($29 CAD). Both are gel based, water proof and super easy to apply. You just need to apply with a small eyeliner brush and you are good to go – no smudging, no running!

Lip liner: “To line or not to line?”
Well here is my opinion… if you are going to go bold with a vibrant or dark shade of lipstick then you will defiantly need to line. Bold choices need to be pristine and polished and the liner with complete the look. I would suggest lining first and then applying the lip colour. This way the liner will blend into the colour and you won’t look like you have a line around your lips. Also the colour will stay on longer and wear evenly. If you are wearing a lighter lip colour or gloss I prefer to not apply a liner, it will look softer and more natural without.

Blush: “Where does it go??”
The best way to apply is to smile in the mirror and then apply to the apples of your cheeks, sweeping back, making sure not to go too far into the hair line. Just think about where you naturally blush after seeing that cute guy you have a crush on… or after a glass of red wine. This is where the colour in your face naturally appears and where a blush should be applied!

Mascara: “Water proof or not??”
I say NOT! The ingredients in most water proof mascaras are not good for your lashes, or eyes for that matter. If you can get a good “long wear” mascara, that should do the trick for stopping running and smudging. Another mascara trick is to apply a quick coat before you apply shadow. This way you will know how much shadow to apply for the desired look, nothing is worse then packing on the shadow and creating the perfect smoldering smoky eye and then finishing it off with mascara and suddenly taking it from sexy smoldering to Playboy Bunny. You should finish with a quick coat after shadow application as well.

Eye liner on your upper lid: “How and when do I apply?”
I think it looks more natural and blended to apply the liner before your shadows – this way you blend out any “hard” lines and the liner looks more natural and soft.

Makeup musts:
It’s a lazy Sunday… you are in a hurry to meet up with some friends and have 5 minutes to put your face on… what do you do!? These, in my opinion are the MUSTS: Concealer, Mascara, Bronzer/blush, Lip balm/Gloss. 5 minutes and good to go!

Aliyah Shamsher, The Style Spy

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  1. These were great tips and tricks! Definitely agree with the 5-minute face essentials.

  2. these are some great basic tips!

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