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Beauty Counter: Kissable Lips

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Lipsticks and lipglosses are all well and good, but to be honest, I’m a lip balm kind of girl. Always have been, always will be. There are thousands off lip balms out there, ranging in colour, SPF, tint and of course smell and taste (not that I’m encourage you eating your lip balm). Here are the best of the best that I’ve tested throughout the years.

A Man’s World
Jack Black may be a men’s brand, but their Intense Therapy Lip Balm with SPF 25 ($9 CAD) will have you biting your lips wishing you never said such a thing as “what, but this is for guys!” Not only is this an ultra-healing balm but it has a delicious lemony, vanilla-y scent that reminds me of cake. Trust me, you’ll love it.
Available at Sephora

Smooth Like Buttah
I love all of The Body Shop’s lip butters, but the Mango Lip Butter ($8 CAD) has to be my favourite. Also try their Born Lippy collection for a little bit of tint without all the goop of a lipgloss. It should be noted that these are boyfriend tested, meaning they will actually make your lips irresistibly kissable. Because the worst is having beautiful lips that no one wants to kiss.
Available at The Body Shop

The Basics
In the world of lip balms, there will always be the basics. You know, these are the ones that deliver on their promises and you’ll automatically know that when you buy ’em your lips will thank you. On my basic list: Blistex Lip Medex ($3.29 CAD) for its wonderfully addictive cooling effect; Aveeno Lip Conditioner ($5.99 CAD) is ultra-creamy, tastes like vanilla, and really works when your lips have had enough of the cold winter weather; Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm ($3.99 CAD) is the ultimate basic and I love all the varieties and colours that are now available.
All available at London Drugs

My Favourite
I discovered Rosebud Salve ($8 CAD) on a trip to Toronto. My lips had gone crazy because of the hot, humid weather and on a shopping trip to Sephora with my sister this balm was one of Sephora’s recommended picks. Well, three years later and I haven’t looked back. I constantly have one in my bag, in my room, and at my desk as work. Not to mention that fact that my friends are always asking to use it. I swear, once you try it, you’ll never know how you ever lived life without it.
Available at Hills of Kerrisdale, Sephora and Anthropologie (Toronto)

Okay, so what are your favourite lip balms! I’m always on the look out for a new one.

Aliyah Shamsher, The Style Spy

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Reader's Comments

  1. I’m guilty of not moisturizing my lips enough. I use Kiehl’s No.1. Balm.

  2. I’m a lip balm girl too. I have no loyalties, though. I remember reading on someone’s blog once “Omg I’m such a lip balm whore, I’ll use anything short of Crisco.” And that pretty much describes me to a T lol.

  3. Ooh yes I love lip balms! I like the Kiehl’s #1 lip balm too, in Mango. They have a lot of different flavours to try!

  4. I love Rosebud Salve! I used to use Kiel’s #1 too, but the salve wins hands down

  5. Rosebud Salve is my absolute favorite.

    And you can usually find it at Urban Outfitters as well.

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