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Beauty Counter: The Perfect Cat-Eye


As the rain begins to fall more and more frequently these days I’ve been spending a lot my nights at home watching movies. Currently I’m obsessing over any movies made during the 1960s. My favourite heroines of the moment: Jean Seberg and Brigitte Bardot -always accompanied by the perfect-looking man and the perfectly applied, wonderfully sultry cat-eye. I know that the cat-eye has been around for a while, but I could never quite get it right. It should be noted (and friends can attest to this), I’m horrible at applying any sort of makeup other than blush and mascara. Until recently. So what product is responsible for my new love of liquid liner?  Shiseido Fine Eyelinerit’s virtually foolproof (and with makeup, I need foolproof). With just a couple clicks of the pen the right amount of liner is dispensed on to the brush, making it easy to follow the shape of your eye and then outwards for the ultimate cat-eye that even Jean Seberg would approve of.

Shiseido is available at Sephora, the Bay and Sears locations


Reader's Comments

  1. Interesting! I’ve been using L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner. I used a different brand of liquid eyeliner which I wasn’t too pleased with previously, but the L’Oreal one has a pretty good felt tip for a nice cat’s eye.

  2. Since I’m a novice I haven’t tried a lot of different kinds, but I’ll pick up the L’Oreal version and see!

  3. I love the 60s eye liner look, too. I wonder how this compares to the geisha ink liner???

  4. I LOVE the cat eye look! You definitely need a good liquid eyeliner for it though. That Shiseido one looks good, I’m very tempted to try it haha but I already have my HG eyeliner!

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