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I Did It And Then I Quit It

A rendezvous with an ex-boyfriend, dinner with the Fakelmeyers and another fashion party under her belt, it’s just another day for Whitney in The City. Let’s take a fashionable Soho stroll through episode 5.

– Kell has frozen over because Kelly Cutrone is not in her usual black crew neck top. Lovin’ the colours.
– Good thing Whitney erred on the side of conservative chic for her date with Freddie since ‘surprise!’, daddy Fackelmeyer is joining us for dinner. Fashion aside, this whole bring dad to dinner situation is so not kosher for a second date.
– The degree of orange-ness seems to be intensifying on Freddie’s face as this horribly awkward date continues. Not a good look.
– Yikes, Freddie’s blue and white gingham shirt is just way to casual for the Longchamp event and his hair is rather raga muffin like. Let’s bring Jay back instead of this tanorexic daddy toting mister.
– Whitney’s hair looked so effortlessly pretty in its loose waves when she busted out her ‘Single Ladies’ moves. Too bad she pulled it back into a ponytail at the party. But Whitney gets an ‘A’ for the crinkled tinfoil like dress. I like.
– Erin rocked the simple yet so pretty ensembles again tonight: the white sheath dress at the prep meeting and the cranberry coloured ruffled tank dress at the party. Effortless style is what I envy.
– While Olivia always looks chic and oh so superior no matter the occasion, not sure I’m feeling the over the top black sequined/scalloped frock at the party…
– But she is redeemed because the Birkin re-appears in this episode. Birkin, I missed you.

Best Outfit of the Night: Whitney’s black dress and layered necklace on her date with Freddie and Mr. Fakelmeyer. Totally grown up, sophisticated and chic. Filing that outfit in my mental closet.

Needs a Restyle: Freddie’s blue and white Gingham shirt has got to go, period.

Jan Tong, The Style Spy

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  1. Totally unrelated to lastnight’s episode but was it just me or was that Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes in next week’s preview?

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