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Gift Giving

The Style Spy has had a magnificent year. Much to do with our awesome team of regular contributors and the guests we’ve interviewed. So we caught up with some of our favourites this year to ask them what is the best gift they’ve ever received and given.

The best gift to give and receive is jewelry, as I don’t like to buy it for myself (unless it’s costume, of course). My favorite gift I have received was a diamond and sapphire ring my mother gave me for my 21st birthday, I treasure it. – Lauren Victoria Armstrong, Party Skirts

I am big giver when it comes to stocking stuffers. I love to give things like chocolate and magazines, all the little things that make life so wicked! I love trips as presents too; instead of exchanging presents with your loved ones, going on a vacation instead. The best gift I’ve ever received is a round trip ticket to Europe from my Dad and Step Mom, it changed my life. – Amy Lu, Fashion Stylist

My mom always gave us an ornament every year, with the year and a hand-written note etched onto it – I loved that tradition.  I got a sewing machine one year that kept me busy for awhile, and I still play with the original Nintendo (you know, the one with the original Mario and Duck Hunt?) my sister gave me a few years ago. My sister and I have started an unofficial tradition of giving each other a small Tiffany pendant necklace for major occasions. I like the idea of starting new traditions with loved ones. That said, I did search long and hard for the last necklace I gave her, which was a row of 8 tiny hearts, a style I had never seen before (which can be difficult when it comes to Tiffany- it’s so ubiquitous!). – Rebecca Tay, Western Editor of FASHION Magazine

This year, I’m hoping to say that the best gift I’ve ever received is a shiny new MacBook Pro. (Please, Santa, please.) – Kelsey Dundon,

Best gift ever received would probably be the classic Tamagotchi – that little thing was so simple yet brought so much joy. Other than that, the encyclopedias that I received as a kid weren’t half bad, so long as they came with chocolates (kidding, I love learning, really!) – Gloria Chik, Urbanebloc

Jocelyn: A camera to someone filled with beautiful images and imagination. The best gift was the smile and seeing the images reach reality. And any great fragrant candle. Helen: The best gift I’ve received was a beautiful matte black carved deer head named Cory.  – Helen Eady and Jocelyn Fortier, JFC

LOVE.  Aww. – Leila Bani, Fashion Stylist

Aliyah Shamsher, The Style Spy

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  1. All such good answers, although the last one of course is the sweetest 😉

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