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Industry Insider: Zoe Glassner

Ishra Sharif had the pleasure of chatting with down-to-earth gal, Zoe Glassner, the Westcoast Contributor (she used to wear the title of Senior Shopping Editor when based in NYC) to Marie Claire Magazine, who was in town to host the launch of Kensie Clothing at Sears in Canada. She gave us the inside details to life at a major fashion publication and taking on reality television. FYI , a couple things that didn’t make the cut but we had to let you know: she says Heidi Klum is just as gorgeous in person and Proenza Schouler are the real “non-itty It bags” to carry. Here’s a few snippets of our talk for anyone whose interested in entering the fashion world.

Ishra Sharif, The Style Spy


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