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Girl of the Week: Olivia Lovenmark

I first spotted OLIVIA LOVENMARK through one of Nicole’s (our fabulous writer) party photos. Intrigued by Olivia’s style I checked out her site Stylestruck and immediately fell in love with her blog. Her diary of daily outfits are just as awesome as they are fun. What she says: “I started my blog about a year ago because of a desire to remain a part of Vancouver’s fashion industry after I left fashion school. Blogging allows me to express my sense of fashion and gives me a limitless outlet for creativity.” Well, everyone, meet Olivia and a list of her favourites…

Wearing… Sequin hat found at the Patricia Field store on the Bowry in Manhattan, H&M sweater dress, express socks, Zara leather boots and a Zara leather clutch.

Fashion Reads…
I’m always looking for fashion news, ideas and inspiration. Right now my go-tos are The Style Spy for all things local fashion, Tommy Ton’s blog, Jak and Jil for the absolute best in fashion eye candy,‘s editorial spreads are brilliantly styled, Vogue everything, Harper’s Bazaar for the youthful and vibrant looks, which can usually be re-created with pieces you already have in your closet, and of course all the local fashion blogs!

Working Girl featuring a young and handsome Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith-this is a serious favourite! A few of Audrey’s movies: Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Charade, Molly Ringwald’s Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club and finally the 1940s flick, The Palm Beach Story. I definitely have a penchant for old movies!

Nail Polish…
Essie’s Flirty Fuchsia. This polish is high-lighter bright and amazing with grey studded 5″ sandals. Actually, all of Essie’s bright shades are fabulous, especially the orange! (Perhaps with blue heels!)

I’m quite particular about my shoes. They must be fabulous, meaning 4″ plus inch heels, studs, leather and sequins. Pretty much anything colourful, textured, etc, etc. My wardrobe is mainly shades of grey, black, white, beige and navy, (I’m into neutrals), so my shoes have to be crazy to spice it up! I also love a good pair of Vans, specifically my red suede Authentics.

I adore a good Cosmo, not too stiff with a big slice of lime. I can also occasionally be found sipping a glass of champagne, bubbles are always festive!

Piece of Technology…
My Nikon D3000 is something I can’t live without. Besides switching from Blogger over to WordPress, this camera has been the reason behind a significant improvement in my blog. The Nikon goes just about everywhere with me! I believe the camera is the new “it” accessory, seeing as there are millions of bloggers out there. It also looks chic!

Piece of Clothing…
A vintage sequined tiger print jacket done in black and gold sequins found on Main St. last Spring. This jacket is brilliant over anything, currently I’m wearing it casually over a white v-neck tee and blue jean shorts with thigh high black suede flat boots.

Zara, hands down. At Zara I can buy one or two pieces and poof! I’m walking off a Balmain runway, (or something like that!) But my favourite stores for all things fabulous would have to be Leone -their collection of Miu Miu shoes is amazing, and Holts for the obvious reasons. I just die in the shoe department!

I have a few favourite things that make me feel at home: 1. a delicious smelling bottle of lavender bubble bath, 2. many, many cream candles, specifically the big pillar candles, and 3. fresh flowers, in early spring the tulips available at street stands are perfect and in the summer I buy peonies by the bunches.

In my world, Karl is the almighty. His collections for Chanel, Fendi and his own label are continuously my favourites, season after season. Perhaps it’s because I am so drawn to the contrast between white and black, which he favors. This spring season I am just dying for a pair of Miuccia’s printed pink platforms for Miu Miu with the crystal embellishment and Karl’s clogs for Chanel. Rent or shoes, hmmm… 😉

Aliyah Shamsher, The Style Spy

Reader's Comments

  1. Olivia’s a great choice for GOTW! She always looks so stylish.

  2. her outfit is to die for.

  3. Beautiful & Classy- Great choice! 🙂

  4. Yay Olivia! and yay for party pics lol
    Olivia’s a sweetheart in person and fun to party with! Great pick Aliyah!

  5. love olivia’s style. and love those socks! the scalloped edge is great!

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