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Girl of the Week: Priya Chopra

We met this girl of the week, PRIYA CHOPRA, at the L’Oreal INOA event we attended last Thursday. She was rocking a great lace dress, killer heels and not to mention some perfectly coiffed curls. Having worked for various Fortune 500s including Campbell Soup and L’Oreal Canada she now owns her own boutique PR firm, 1milk2sugars. Priya has also lived in Milano, Italia where she completed her Masters in Fashion Management and got to attend some of the most exciting runaway shows from Gucci to Armani. Everyone, meet Priya and her favourite things…

Accessory… My over-sized YSL shades

Food… I am super simple and my favorite food has remained the same since I was 8 years old: Pizza!

Fragrance… Narciso Rodriguez

Favorite place on Earth… Amalfi Coast, Italy

Color… Coral

Drink… Nothing beats a glass of Moet, I’m a champagne girl.

Gadget… Can’t live without my iPhone and all my favorite apps!

Designer… Of the moment, Canadian designer Coccolily.

Favorite new technology… ODS Oil Delivery System found in INOA hair colour!

Favorite Hollywood hunk… Johnny Depp.

Aliyah Shamsher & Erica Lam
The Style Spy

Reader's Comments

  1. I love her whole outfit, esp the tights and shoes! also love the name of her PR company.

  2. she’s smart, stylish & business saavy – a rare & impressive combination!

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