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Gossip Girl Review: The Doctor Is Finally In

Top ten countdown begins… right… now!

1. Ewww Jenny in Nate’s shirt! And why is Jenny waking up in Nate and Chuck’s apartment? Oh, and Jenny isn’t 500 pounds because she never actually eats the waffles… she just pouts and walks out the door in full eye makeup first thing in the morning.

2. LOL moment = box with words OLD LIFE inscribed on the side, how very Blair.

3. Ewww William Baldwin… seriously? They couldn’t find anyone else? Anyone? Someone? I’m sure one of the camera guy could have stepped in for a couple awkward episodes and no one would have known the difference.

3. No waffles for Chuck -he prefers threesomes first thing in the morning.

4. Eric is where? Andover? With the debate team? How convenient Mr. Schwartz…

5. Word of the day: Fat. (Use with caution.)

6. Chuck is having Blair followed, and the plot thickens… (unlike ol’ boring couple out at NYU, I vaguely remember something about an original play and someone getting into a writing program… yawn.)

7. Whoa. Aaron Rose reference/burn.

8. Whomever that girl was that tried to kiss Dan… well kudos to her for calling out Jenny and saying what we’ve all been thinking for a very, very long time now.

9. “Actually I have a friend who attends Columbia, but I don’t think he attends any classes.” Second LOL moment, does ANYONE attend classes at this point?

10. Yeah, yeah… William Baldwin is actually evil… groundbreaking.

Favourite quotes…

B: “Its a lot easier to sneak up on someone when you’re not 8 months pregnant and standing in front of a full length mirror.”

B: “Dorota you really need to stop buying your prenatal vitamins over the internet.”
D: “For this I postpone honeymoon.”

Lonely boy: “They wished me success with my future endeavors so its not a total loss.”

B: “Dorota, I need answers that don’t end in ‘and then I came to America!'”

C: (Addressed to Little J) “And look like someone who doesn’t even have a father.”

D: Love is like head wound. It makes you dizzy, and you think you will die… but you survive… usually.”

Conclusion: While Dorota and Blair have a twisted nanny-child relationship that has really gone beyond any sense of normalcy, they have the best lines and need their own talk show.

Reader's Comments

  1. Dorota and Blair are the best part of the more recent episodes!

  2. lol, Jenny looks so obvious in NateÒ€ℒs shirt, William Baldwin looks too young. Rufus cannot handle him at all, there banter was horrendous.

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