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Industry Insider: Alisha Noon

WHO: Alisha Noon
WHAT: Eyebrow Specialist
WHERE: Vancouver

I had the pleasure of talking with eyebrow specialist (aka life changer), Alisha Noon this past week, working out of BeautyMark (120 Hamilton St, Yaletown, Vancouver), her passion for eyebrows ensures you’ll walk out looking better than you ever imagined.

How I got started… Well, I’ve always been interested (and kind of obsessed) with makeup. As I got older and finished university, it was actually my friends who planted the seed of becoming a makeup artist. I finally decided I had nothing to lose and enrolled in the Make-Up Artistry Diploma Program at the Blanche MacDonald Centre. I took every opportunity to practice on whoever would let me and volunteered on my days off for fashion shows, music videos, and independent films. After filling in at the various local TV stations, I was offered a permanent position doing makeup for the news at City TV and eventually became head of the makeup department there. This was a perfect fit because it allowed me to still do weddings, etc. on the weekends, enabling me to build my freelance business in both makeup and eyebrows.

Ended up only doing eyebrows… I’ve always said makeup is my passion and eyebrows are my obsession. It’s weird, eyebrow shaping is not something I studied, it’s just something I see. To me, beautifully shaped eyebrows are the foundation of the face. As a makeup artist, the first thing I do is take a few minutes to clean up my client’s eyebrows because it’s so important to create the right frame for the canvas you are about to paint. So shaping eyebrows became a huge part of what I do kind of by accident. Early in my career, most of my clients didn’t necessarily need their makeup done on a regular basis, but quickly realized what a difference eyebrows that are the right shape for your face can make. Lucky for me, they became addicted, started to book appointments for just their eyebrows, and the rest is history!

Love… I love my clients reaction once I’m done! I genuinely get excited for them and it never gets old. I am first of all honored that my clients, new and faithful alike, place so much trust in me. Every person is different and no two eyebrows are the same. I also love a challenge… I never judge I only fix. We’ve all had horrible eyebrows at one point or another, self-inflicted or otherwise (myself included!). Even after all these years, I am still amazed at the positive change even one eyebrow shaping session can make.

Maintenance tips…
1. Exercise caution: especially if you are tweezer-happy.” Only take out what grows in, leave grooming above the brow to a professional, and if you’re questioning whether or not a specific hair should go, leave it alone!
2. Don’t use a magnifying mirror: Magnifying mirrors are evil because they show you all the imperfections and little hairs the naked eye can’t see which usually leads to over-tweezing.
3. Keep checking your work: Be sure to step back from the mirror every few hairs that you tweeze to make sure you’re staying true to the shape. We can so easily get caught up in the action of tweezing (and the satisfaction of getting those really stubborn hairs!) that it’s important to make sure we look at the big picture during the process.

Best advice… Persevere! It’s a tough business to get into but there are so many different and amazing things you can do in the beauty industry. Get as much experience in every facet of the industry you can because it will not only help you decide where you want your focus to be but it will make you incredibly well-rounded to be the best at what you do. Keep educating yourself by reading magazines, using the internet, talking to people in the industry, learning from them and exchanging information, tips and tricks, and taking courses/workshops that help you stay currant and on top of your game.

To book an appointment with Alisha: 604-218-6000 or $52 per visit. As a client myself, you may have to wait a little for an appointment, but it is well worth it!

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