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  1. I love those grips. I always get them!~ Love love the shoes~! So when’s our next big nite out…we got to show off those shoes~!

  2. You should also mention that the Joe Fresh lipglosses are HUGE. Almost 3x the amount you get in a MAC lipgloss.

  3. Ooooh! Thanks for the tips about the shoe grips! I am definitely going to do that now since I am such a klutz. 🙁

  4. I have that Joe lipgloss too, has to be the same color. Great nude, I was wearing it over my MAC Jubilee lipstick! I’m really into the Burberry lipgloss too (minus the smell!)

  5. Love those shoes! The mesh is awesome and very chic. I find those grips don’t work for me. I used them on my Michael Kors heels and they came off after a few wears. I just ended up getting them done permanently at the shoe repair!

  6. I’ve had my shoes professional done too. If it’s a quality pair of shoes, I’d invest in bringing the shoes to a real shoe repair place. But for shoes like my Aldo ones, I’m going to go cheap! =)

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