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I found M’c kenneth Licon through as he was one of the few Vancouverites with impeccable style. After a visit to his self-designed blog, I was hooked. For a guy who only stands in at 5’1″, he sure knows how to make a big statement with his clothes. Currently a full-time interactive media student and part-time sales associate/fashion consultant/blogger extraordinaire, M’c kenneth likes to raid his mom’s old closet and does all his alterations by hand (amazing!). Did I mention he also has some pretty awesome hair? He rocks a pompadour like nobody’s business. Meet M’c kenneth.

I’m wearing…A pair of round tortoiseshell sunglasses from Zara women, Bottega Veneta S/S ’10 inspired gradient scarf from Zara man, retro patterned shirt from Zara Man, basic brown leather belt from Zara kids, velvet cord raspberry jeans from Zara girls, and a cruise collection Trench coat from Zara boys (which I altered myself). I am also wearing my dad’s gold watch and my Verienna moccasins from

My personal style is…It usually depends on my mood and the weather, but mostly, my style is risky, fun, quirky, and playful with a slight kick of classic elegance. I play with colours a lot and am very keen on small details. Runways, trends, and editorials often inspire me, but I also see a lot of inspiration from everyday people on the street — I subconsciously learn from their good and bad choices in clothing and I apply them to my own personal style.

First memorable fashion purchase…My first pair of skinny jeans it was a drastic change, I used to wear 28 men’s bootcut jeans and I used to belt it down to 23 (I could seriously fit my whole waist into one leg, it was horrible) but that purchase made me buy more clothes to match it with and then the rest is history.

Three items to save from a fire…A pair of my vintage Italian leather (croc skinned) shoes, black velvet cord skinny jeans, and my JNBY wool coat.

Fall essentials…Trench Coat, sweater, and a nice fitted blazer while you’re at it, grab some desert boots as well — and if you’re from Vancouver, a plain black or polka dotted umbrella.

Favourite designers…Hedi Slimane (all -ime favourite), Lucas Ossendrijver (of Lanvin), Frida Giannini, and who can say no to John Galliano?

Go-to look…High-waisted trousers for mens (they give a good illusion of elongated legs good way to cheat your height), nice fitted blazer, Etro Milano pocket square and a classic lace-up oxford shoes.

I feel more comfortable in…Oversized t-shirt/tank (particularly when it’s drape-y).

Repeat buy…Black skinny jeans. OMG I have 5 of them and I didn’t even know until I have to do a spring-cleaning (you can only imagine, oh wait, this looks familiar).

Most recent purchase…A pair of vintage looking tortoiseshell sunglasses and tiny leather clutch from Fossil.

I can’t live without…Macbook, iPhone and hair products (can’t do a pompadour without it).

Fave shops… for their awesome kids stuff. Zara, H&M kids, and Gap kids for their jeans, JNBY, Holt Renfrew (adoring runway pieces right before my eyes and hoping one day they’ll come in size 32EURO and 23 waist).

Fashion advice for guys…Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Step out of the box a little and see what is out there in the fashion world. Life is too short to be stuck in graphic tees and cargo shorts (with flip flops and trucker hat to top that off, no offence). Widen your horizons; there are more options for men nowadays in terms of clothing and fashion. Try something you’ve never tried before. I’m not saying you should put on meggings (men leggings) or meels (men heels) but what I’m saying I guess is, take a risk own it and have fun.

Nicole Soon, The Style Spy

Reader's Comments

  1. He is adorable! I love that he is wearing “velvet cord raspberry jeans from Zara girls.”

  2. I love that too!

  3. Love his style, blog, and interview.
    I officially want some raspberry pants now! Haha

  4. OMG i love him! i see him all the time strutting his fashion pieces in vancouver.
    a total inspiration ! <3

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