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A Knockout Knockoff

I remember drooling over the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 RTW show last fall. The whole show was full of light neutrals, pastels, and beautiful draping, not to mention a couple of stunning metallic pieces. I’m still salivating at the very thought of it. There was one piece that I was particularly smitten with – a gorgeous, pale pink trench with amazing ruched detailing. I coveted it for months before coming to the sad realization that I would never own this magnificent piece. So imagine my delight upon discovering the coat’s near-doppelganger on Mod Cloth. The light hue and belted waist are perfection! And at one tenth of the price of the Burberry one, it’s definitely a more realistic option. Needless to say, I placed my order on the spot. Love! Now if only Montreal weather would let me wear it with just scrunched socks, stilettos, and not much else all season long.

Mod Cloth Prima Ballerina Coat, Approx $132 CAD

Sophie Coleman, The Style Spy


Reader's Comments

  1. What a beautiful coat~! I want to buy it. Do they have a walk-in store or is it only online?

  2. I love browsing ModCloth but I’ve never bought anything from it yet. What are shipping/handling/duties charges like?

  3. As far as I know, online only!

  4. Shipping was about $17 with another $15 or so of taxes on top of that. Not cheap, but not awful!

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