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What’s at Winners

I think I might’ve purchased one of my best finds of the year on this trip to Winners on Robson Street. My heart stopped when I spotted these over-the-knee black suede heeled boots in my size. They will appear in an upcoming haul video. I was so excited, I texted my friend in Montreal, this is the text verbatim:

“You know how u get so excited abt the Canadiens. That’s how I feel when I shop. I’m clutching the most amazing over the knee blk suede boots. I’m addicted to shoes, send me to rehab pls.”

This clearly why I started Style Spy years ago and why I continue to write. And I’m just joking – don’t send me to rehab or else I wouldn’t be able to share this love of shopping!

Erica Lam, The Style Spy

These Pour La Victoire‘s $199 are show-stoppers. Gorgeous. I had to try them on and they’re even more beautiful on the feet. Pretty shiny crystals and a great platform and height – and surprisingly comfortable. Sadly a bit too steep for my pocketbook to justify.

Fornarina’s always makes hot shoes. These grey suede Western-inspired booties with studded heels would be super cute with jeggings tucked inside.

I always gravitate toward classic pumps. I think everyone just needs a pair like these in their wardrobe. These GUESS pumps $80 CAD with platform bottom and buckle detail are so versatile and work appropriate. The girl in front of me was trying them on in the mirror and I had to put my two cents in “total classic, get them!”

Moto boots are hot this season. These babies are from Rocket Dog and Tommy Hilfiger.

Love the shade of these ankle boots $120 CAD. I tend to always go for the black boots, changing it up is not a bad thing. My only gripe with Winners is sometimes the shoes get damaged – these look a bit scratched up – respect the shoes people!

I’m kind of digging the floppy boot look. Sienna Miller always rocks floppy boots – she makes it look good. It’s carefree – if that makes any sense.

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Reader's Comments

  1. I love Pour La Victoire shoes. I don’t have much experience with their heels, but I do have a pair of their Nanette sandals from a past season and they were worn to death this summer, they were that versatile. I had to get them re-soled halfway through the season!

  2. How do you find such amazing things at Winner?! Everytime I go there, the shelves are picked bare and only the ugly leopard boots are there.

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