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Behind-the-Scenes with Carrie Underwood

We ran a contest earlier in the month with Olay to give away Carrie Underwood Vancouver concert tickets. Style Spy reader Jenny won & brought her bestie Ana. Naturally, I had to come along for the ride! We had a chance to meet Carrie right before the concert. A few things you may or may not have known about her.

1. She’s very pretty and petite, 5’3″.
2. Her rock is huge. A yellow diamond. She told me when she first got engaged, her sister said “I hate to tell you this, but the diamond is kind of yellow”.
3. When asked who helps her with her red carpet style, she said it’s a team effort. And the dresses often have to go back.
4. I commented on her super cool cowboy boots. The brand is called Justin. She said they don’t make the boots anymore cause supposedly, the heeled boots weren’t that popular, but she always get compliments on them.
5. She’s a hardworking gal. She hasn’t seen her hubby, hockey player Mike Fisher for a month!

She was really sweet in person and made time to chat with everyone at the meet & greet. Concert-wise, the girl can sing! My fave part was when she rode around the arena suspended from the ceiling in a blue pick-up truck. Cute!

Erica Lam, The Style Spy

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