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Girl of the Week: Nicole Wong

This week’s Girl of the Week is the lovely NICOLE WONG . A girl who not only shares the same name as me, but is also a Communications major like myself – what are the odds? I first “met” her off Twitter and then discovered her awesome Tumblr. Aside from living the life of a student, Nicole is also an intern at JK Models and writes a weekly feature on Killahbeez while blogging about music on Speakerboxxx. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she is a music lover who enjoys her fair share of concerts. But what did come as a surprise is that she’s fluent in French! Mon dieu, how cool is that? Meet Nicole.

Wearing…I’m sporting a vintage silk scarf I stole from my mom, a Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket (got this on sale for a crazy price at Macy’s about 6-7 years ago), T by Alexander Wang dress, opaque tights, Aldo booties, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, and an assortment of rings including a YSL Arty Oval ring that I gifted to myself for Christmas. And since people tend to ask about my frames, they are by Olivia Goldsmith and I got them at Bruce Eyewear in Gastown.

My personal style is…Ever-changing. I guess it all depends on my mood, the weather, and what I have planned for the day.

Holiday wish list…I’d like to have Clement sitting on my doorstep with a bow on his head. So if any of you know him, please direct him to my house as that would be much appreciated. Don’t laugh, I’m quite serious about this!

Three items to save from a fire…My Macbook, a photo album (there’s quite a few but I obviously wouldn’t be able to take them all), and my “inspiration” books filled with my photography, writing, and artwork.

Most prized possession…My one and only gold medal from a figure skating competition many years ago, or maybe the very first Medal of Excellence I got for the highest mark in BC on a piano exam.

Beauty Must-Have…For me, it would have to be Lancome’s Artliner in Brown. It’s my favourite liquid liner and I use it all the time. Ever since I was introduced to it by an aunt, I’ve never used anything else. I find it’s quite easy to apply and stays put for a long time.

Top three favourite songs…“Excuses” by The Morning Benders (saw them at Venue in October and they were great), “Son of Sam” by Elliott Smith (my favourite Elliott Smith song, hands down), and “Yellow” by Coldplay (a little cliched, but I’m totally having this played at my wedding whenever that happens).

Wardrobe staples…Men’s basic tees in white, black, and gray, a nice leather jacket, and a good pair of boots.

Next purchase…This will be such a lame answer but probably notebooks for the spring semester.

One thing every girl should have… Good posture.

Craziest fashion statement I’ve made… It might not be that out there but mine would probably be in middle school when I thought it would be “cool” to wear striped legwarmers and a striped skirt.

Guilty pleasure…Purdy’s chocolate covered nuts. The dark chocolate covered cashews and almonds are my favourite.

Nicole Soon, The Style Spy

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  1. I think I have a bit of a girl crush.

  2. Cool feature! Sweet, I also write for Killahbeez, but I’ve never met any of the writers, so thanks for allowing me to “meet” her haha

  3. you are TOO fabulous for words.

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