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Girl of the Week: Crystal Kwon

Most of you may know CRYSTAL KWON by her Twitter handle @cwistal. I first met Crystal at the Creme de la Creme media preview a few months ago where we bonded over yummy mango shots made by the YEW Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel. Currently Crystal works 9-5 as a PR Manager and moonlights as the Managing Editor at Vancity Buzz. Neither a fashionista nor a foodie, but definitely a fan of both, Crystal attests that retail and food therapy does wonders (and I couldn’t agree more). Meet Crystal.

Wearing…A camel coat from Zara, high-waisted pants from RW & Co, a Gucci belt, Steve Madden flats, t-shirt and the warmest infinity scarf from H&M.

My personal style is…Simple and a bit girly. I love mixing highs and lows and it’s an added bonus when a high comes with a low price tag. I usually dress in lots of basic pieces and like to punch it up a bit with the latest trend. My favorite things at the moment are camel and cream coloured pieces and anything with lace or sweetheart necklines.

Weekend wardrobe…Weekends are often for running errands, so like a pro I’m usually wearing jeans, a white tee with flats and my most serious running-errands-tote that holds everything.

Best Christmas gift received this year…Rose-gold and silver two-toned Michael Kors watch.

Three items in my bag…Chapstick, lipstick and a pen for doing crosswords.

Most prized possession…A piece of sentimental jewellery or my laptop which has all of my photos organized into hundreds of folders. I’m OCD like that.

Next purchase…Yoga classes or new bindings for my snowboard (how Vancouver-esque, I know) or if I’m lucky, a vacation somewhere interesting.

New Year’s style resolution…Wear more accessories, and take more risks. Other fun ones include to travel and read more.

Favourite movies…300, Up and Die Hard I, II and III.

Most comfortable in…Sweatpants and my oldest, most worn out tee (trust me, it’s not chic). For a comfy outfit, I could bear being seen in leggings or jeggings with a sheer, oversized t-shirt and flats.

Going out outfit…A pair of sky-high platforms and a cute dress.

Can’t live without…My Blackberry, hair straightener and the people that make me laugh and smile.


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  1. love the coat!

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