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Girl of the Week: Leah Perry

This week’s Girl of the Week is an Account Executive at Cowie and Fox in Yaletown. LEAH PERRY is a self-proclaimed phony yogi (you can’t help but love her honesty) and part-time artist. Leah enjoys playing on Twitter and consuming copious amounts of dark chocolate. She also considers herself a baker, even though her talent is limited to a few cake and cookie recipes. Leah’s newly acquired addictions include online shopping (welcome to the club!) and Tim Horton’s steeped tea. Meet Leah.

Wearing…Coach toque – it was my Secret Santa present last year… best Secret Santa present ever? I think so. Monk & Lou pea coat – found it on sale at Plenty. Mavi Serena skinny jeans – easy to put on, easy on the wallet. Steve Madden boots, on sale at Nordstrom – need I say more? Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag – a fabulous gift.

My personal style is…Pretty darn simple. Beachy casual with a few big ticket items mixed in. Don’t be surprised to see me wearing a Billabong tunic with a Michael Kors belt.

Most recent purchase…A couple swimsuits from – I’ll admit that I bought these because I’m going on vacation. Regardless: free shipping (even on sale items – and even to Canada) and an extra 10% off when you sign up for their emails? Okay fine – even if I weren’t going on vacation I probably would have bought them. I can’t turn down a deal this good!

Favourite movies…Stranger Than Fiction – whether he’s ‘Elf’ or an auditor, Will Ferrell never fails. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – need to do an ab work out? Rent this movie; it’s hilarious.

Weekend wardrobe…Skinny jeans, Steve Madden or Isabel Marant boots (don’t worry – I didn’t pay top dollar. I got these at a sample sale!), any top that can carry me from day to night. I’m also recently obsessed with the OPI nail polish colour ‘Moon over Mumbai’ – it’s a weekend must.

Skincare secret…I drink it cold, I drink it hot, I drink water A LOT.

If I had to wear the same thing, everyday, for a week…White TNA t-shirt, my very old (very worn in) Volcom jeans (circa 2005), and Old Navy sandals. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain that week?

Drink of choice…I’ll always go for a beer: Heineken, Kronenbourg or Peroni.

Three items to save from a fire…My Marc Jacobs hobo bag (mandatory). The remaining two items would be the first two pairs of boots I could get my hands on. If it really came down to it, I’d probably sneak in a third (just in case one pair burned in the fire, of course. You can never be too prepared).

Fashion pet peeves…When people wear things that are too small – it’s not good for them, or for the people looking at it.

Craziest fashion statement I’ve made…I once sported a shiny gold onesie, complete with ‘mum bum’, for a new years eve party. I was not forgotten.

Current wish list…I’m on a mission to find a new black cross body bag, and a leather jacket.

Photograph by Patrick Leung.


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